Best Tachiyomi Extensions To Read Manga Free

Best Tachiyomi Extensions

People across the world love manga. Tachiyomi is a free manga reader application for android users. Not only in Japan nowadays manga popularity has grown in all countries across the world. Lot of teens are attracted to this manga animation novels and series and are trying various methods to access them from the internet.

Tachiyomi is one of the best android apps to access manga for free.  Tachiyomi does not host any content by itself but it provides various extensions. These Tachiyomi Extensions help us to access various manga websites’ content for free. This open source application was created in 2016 by Inorichi. It has more than 100 extensions in the English language itself. Tachiyomi also covers languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Hindi, Portuguese etc. in this article we are going to provide you some of the Best Tachiyomi Extensions to read free online manga.

10 Best Tachiyomi Extensions

Below are the 10 best Tachiyomi Extensions that we can use to read online manga for free


MangaDex is one of the most popular applications to read Manga, manhwa, and manhua. MangaDex Extension is one of the most powerful extensions to read free manga. The images are of the highest quality. It supports all types of languages like English, Spanish, German, French etc. sometimes the quality of images are not up to the mark, at that time you can combine it with other extensions.


Madara is also one of the Best Tachiyomi Extensions that is used by many people across the world to read online manga. This extension also offers you a wide range of manga presented in different languages. If you are new to using Tachiyomi Extensions then giving a try to Madara extension is not a bad one. Hope you like it.


Everyone is well aware of this Webtoon platform. It is a south korean based platform which provides its users with Comics, Manga & Manhwa. It offers compact digital hosts thousands of comics and services of various genres like adventure, romance, war etc. this is highly recommended and one of the Best Tachiyomi Extensions.


You can read manga topics, services and comics online here in Mangahere. So adding the Mangahere Tachiyomi Extension in our mobile will help us to access all the manga content from this application for free.


Manhua are comics which are similar to manga but we have to read them left to right. These are china based novels. ManhuaUS is the place where we can find all types of Manhua which are regularly updated. So adding Manhua Tachiyomi Extension can help us to access all the Manhua.


This is also one of the best places where we can find all types of Manga for free. So we can treat the Mangasee extension as one of the Best Tachiyomi Extensions if we want access to free manga.


Manga Owl Tachiyomi Extension is a complete one. It offers all type of manga to its users and all the content is free of cost. We can read manga in various languages. It offers various genres like action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, Manhwa, mature, mecha, Yaoi, Yuri etc.


MangaPark is also one the best platforms to read all types of online manga for free. Adding mangapark Tachiyomi Extension allows users to access all the content from this platform easily and also for free. So this can be considered as one of the Best Tachiyomi Extensions.


This platform offers all the latest manga, completed manga, and new manga for its users for free. Once you add the Mangakakalot Tachiyomi Extension you can read all the manga directly without even registering or login to the platform.


For those who prefer reading comics, ComicExtra is one of the best platforms. ComicExtra is the best Tachiyomi Extension, if you want to read western comics like avengers, marvel, Spiderman etc.

Is Tachiyomi Safe?

Yes, Tachiyomi and its extensions are completely safe and secure. We can safely read all the manga for free using this platform. But there are some 18 plus extensions, if you do not want them then you do not install those extensions, rather than this data wise and security wise this platform is 100% safe and secure.

How To Install Extensions In Tachiyomi And Read Manga?

First download the Tachiyomi application from its official website. It has two versions Stable version and the Preview version. We can choose whatever we want.

  • Now open the .APK file and install it on your mobile.
  • Now go to the browse section and click on extensions.
  • Now you can pick your desired extension from the available hundreds of extensions.
  • Give the permission on your mobile.
  • That’s it the Tachiyomi app will install the extension on your mobile.
  • Now open the extension and search for the manga you want to read.
  • After you find it you can add it to your Tachiyomi library and read it for free.


From the available extensions in Tachiyomi, we have provided you with the Best Tachiyomi Extensions from which you can read all types of manga for free in different languages. This application will work only for android devices because it is specially designed for android. iOS devices cannot install this application. For iOS there are other alternatives to read manga online like Open Comic, MangaStorm. If you know more best extensions for reading manga then you can suggest them to us. We will verify it and add it to our guide.

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