Top 10 BFF Video Ideas For YouTube Videos

BFF video Ideas

Making videos with best friends is the one trend that most people are looking for. BFF means best friends forever, so making videos with them will be a memorable one and one must definitely do something memorable with your best friends. So if you are interested in doing so and out of video ideas then do not worry, here in this article we have suggested to you some of the best Bff Video Ideas that you can implement and create with your best friends.

Top BFF Video Ideas

Below are some of the Top Most BFF video Ideas that you can look into. Let us discuss in detail about all these Video videos one by one

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

This is one of the best BFF Video Ideas that is trending all over the internet in all social media channels like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We can do this challenge solely but doing it with best friends around will produce so much fun and laughter. In this challenge you need to control your laugh from the jokes or actions that are being made by your friend in front of you. When best friends are around, controlling the laugh for the jokes is a big thing and this can create so much fun. So this is one of the best ideas for creating YouTube videos.

Prank Your BFFs

Pranks are the Most common videos that we see regularly in YouTube and Instagram channels. To attract the people to our channel’s pranks is the best idea. People with a good sense of humor will always try to look for the prank videos in their free time. So doing Prank on your BFFs will be one of the best BFF Video Ideas for your YouTube channel.

Comedy Series

Making a series can attract a lot more people to your YouTube channel or Instagram account. If you choose the comedy niche for your series then it will be more interesting. With best friends, the best thing we do is chilling and enjoying street smart comedy. Making that as a series for your channel will be a good idea. So you can take this comedy series into consideration while you make videos with your BFF.

Cooking Videos

If you know cooking and then why don’t you try that. Try and implement your cooking ideas along with your BFF and upload them on your YouTube. Cooking alone can be a boring thing but cooking along with your BFF with jokes and laughter makes it more special. Along with this you are also telling a new recipe to your viewers and subscribers. So Cooking with friends is one the best BFF Video Ideas in the year 2024 for your YouTube channel.

Playing Funny Games

Playing games in YouTube channels is the common thing that we upload but playing games with our Best friends will generate more fun and will entertain the viewers. There are many fun games on the internet you can choose any one of those and play with your best friends and keep them on the youtube channel. This will give you more reach and growth.

Surprise Visits

Surprise visit to your best friend will be a good idea to make a video. Plan a surprise visit to your best friend and record that moment and keep that on your YouTube. This is a good idea because people will watch the video to see how your friend reacts to your surprise visit and try to do the same in their real lifes. So when it comes to BFF Video Ideas this one will be the best.

Movie Reviews

Giving a movie review with your friend will also be a good Video idea for your YouTube channel. Movie review by a single person is a usual thing that many people will do but movie review with your best friend can be a different idea and it will be a good addition to your channel. So you can try it.

Travel Videos

Traveling videos with your BFF is the best thing. When you plan a trip with your best friends, record the best moments in the total trip and make a video with them and upload it on your YouTube channel.

Reviewing New Gadgets

Gadgets review is also on the best BFF Video Ideas in the coming year. There are lots of gadgets that are released daily into the market. So picking one and giving a review along with your best friend in your YouTube channel can be a master stroke to improve the stats of your channel.

Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are becoming a trend nowadays. Reaction videos are nothing but giving reaction to a video by watching them. Choose a song or fight or a new movie trailer or teaser and give your reactions for that video and record it and then upload it on your content uploading platform.


The above mentioned 10 Bff Video Ideas will be trending in the new year 2024. Not only these ideas there will be many more BFF video ideas that can make you and your channel popular. Ideas like Tech reviews, Repeat Movie Scenes, How To videos, makeover challenges, bloopers real etc can also be considered. If you make videos on unique content that will help your social media channel to attract a lot more people and subscribers. With this we can earn money and fame.

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