What Does “ST” And “TM” Mean On Instagram & Texting?

What Does “ST” And “TM” Mean On Instagram

Day by day the popularity of social media platforms is increasing across the world. Especially Instagram is trending and going crazy among youth and middle aged people. These platforms are used as the communication channels and photos, videos sharing platforms by the people. Not only Instagram, the other trending social media platforms are TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook. These days people are using many short forms and abbreviations while messaging each other or while using hashtags. In those abbreviations “ST” And “TM” are the most common words in texting. Today in this guide we are going to explain to you What Does “ST” And “TM” Mean On Instagram platform and why people are using these abbreviations.

What Does “ST” And “TM” Mean On Instagram?

There are many meanings for every abbreviation using the Instagram platform or texting. According to the situation the meaning of the abbreviations will be changed. Similarly ST and “TM” also have various meanings. According to the situation the person used the short form the outcome will be changed. Below we have mentioned all the possible outcomes of these two “ST” And “TM” abbreviations.

What Does “TM” Mean On Instagram?

Below are the various possible outcomes

“TM” – Trade Mark

The most common meaning of “TM” in social media platforms and texting is Trademark. People will use “TM” as a short form while describing the word trademark. They will mention it also in hashtags.

“TM” – Text Me

If we want to ask someone to send a message to us then we usually ping them with a short form “TM”. it means text me when you see.

“TM” – Text Message

“TM” short form is also used for the word Text Message.

“TM” – Trust Me

When someone is in the middle of a texting conversation and if they want to use the word “Trust me” then they will simply type “TM”. so here “TM” will indicate trust me.

“TM” – TooMuch

For describing the word “Too much” some people will use this “TM” short form

“TM” – Tomorrow

For The word tomorrow also people in social media platforms and in texting will use the abbreviation “TM”

What Does “ST” Mean On Instagram?

Below are the various possible outcomes of the abbreviation ST on instagram and other social media platforms

ST – Something

For the word something people will use ST as reference in texting and also mentioning the hashtags under a post in instagram or TikTok.

ST – Street

ST is also referred to another meaning called Street. This is used in some rare conditions.

ST – Start Talking

For describing the word “Start Talking” people will use ST as short form.

More Abbreviations that are used on Instagram ?

Not only “ST” And “TM” there are also hundreds and thousands of short forms and abbreviations that are used in the social media world especially in Instagram and snapchat. Below are some of them

  • TN – Tonight
  • TMB – Text Me, Back
  • GNG – Gang
  • NS – Not Sure
  • WYDD – what are you doing, daddy
  • IMY – I miss you

Not only the above mentioned ones there is a lot of short form language in social media. To understand those abbreviations we need to stay updated in the social media platforms like Instagram And Snapchat. If we use the social media once or twice in a month then these words are aliens to us


Now with this you will know What Does “ST” And “TM” Mean On Instagram & Texting when you come across them. Normally generation Z people can understand the abbreviation according to the situations and places it is used. But for some middle aged and old aged people it is hard to understand them when they come across some short forms or abbreviations in Instagram and other social media channels. For those people this guide will help to gain the knowledge on the short forms and abbreviations that are used in texting.

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