Does A School Need A Digitization Strategy?


Digitization is on the classroom’s threshold, waiting to be let in. The topic was dominant in all areas. There is a wide range of ways to expand learning with digitized teaching methods in early childhood education, primary schools, secondary schools, and universities or technical colleges. In addition to the large companies, small niche providers with specialized offers are also attracting attention. I was surprised by the large number of people attending the fair. Many teachers indeed used the day to find out about new developments. I was also impressed by the number of students. The interest in the change in education is considerable.

But how is it going now? Is there a digitization strategy specifically for schools? There are the products and services the students and teachers are interested in, and the financial resources have now been released after a long discussion. So nothing stands in the way of change. But what does this look like?

Digitization Requires a Change.

The real challenge is just ahead. I will always need a way if it is to be realized, which is missing at the moment. Digitization demands change from companies and will also request it from schools. Major decisions made far away from everyday school life and then instructed on will no longer be successful in the future. The watering principle does not work here. Hierarchical, bureaucratic structures are poison for the world of digitization trimmed for speed.

Every School Needs A Digitization Strategy.

What can a solution look like? Every school needs its digitization strategy, which begins with an inventory. It is essential to answer fundamental questions. What resources are currently available – in terms of knowledge and technology? What should be achieved in the next 2-3 years? What does the way to get there look like, and what is needed to walk it successfully? These questions cannot be answered in the same way for all schools. They must be solved individually, as each school is in a different situation. The result of these considerations is a strategic concept that provides the framework for further development.

Appointing a digitization officer would be another critical step. He coordinates the process and accompanies the implementation. He can also exchange ideas with representatives from other schools. In this way, a school benefits from the experiences of others.

How Will Schools Use The Opportunities Of Digitization?

The diversity that is available to teachers today can hardly be overseen. The forms and methods of teaching are limitless. But are the schools in a position to seize the resulting opportunities?

Five Important Steps On The Way To Digitization

  • Clarify your resources. What do you have in terms of time, knowledge, and money?
  • Set a realistic goal. How would you like to be positioned concerning the digitization of your school in 3 years?
  • Put together a team and appoint a digitization officer.
  • Create a digitization action plan with deadlines and responsibilities
  • Please determine what you need to implement the action plan and spend only on the funds that are made available to you.

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