Effective Advertising Media For Founders And Startups

Advertising Media

Especially at the beginning of their activity, founders often ask themselves which advertising media they can use to advertise their company. These should achieve the greatest possible benefit with little effort. The choice is great. But which advertising measures are recommended for founders and startup companies?

Out-Of-Home Advertising – The City As Advertising Space

An effective advertising medium is outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising (OOH). For example, advertising pillars and billboards are available in every city for companies to attach advertising media. In this way, they draw the attention of a wide audience. Another possibility is transforming public transport, promotional vehicles, company cars, or private cars into mobile advertising media.

Digital Outdoor Advertising Is Trendy.

In addition to billboard and transport advertising, there is digital outdoor advertising (Digital-Out-of-Home, DOOH). This type of outdoor advertising often consists of large displays that can be used to convey targeted advertising messages. The monitors enable companies also to use moving images in the public area to make their advertising more attractive to potential customers.

The costs for outdoor advertising depend on the media used, the period, and the location. Sometimes they are quite high. On the side, businesses using digital outdoor advertising can reduce their costs and make extra money. The principle is simple: anyone who temporarily makes their digital displays available for advertising from other companies receives money for them.

What Are The Advantages of Outdoor Advertising?

The use of outdoor advertising offers companies the following advantages:

  • Better acceptance: Outdoor advertising has a very high level of acceptance. That is why companies are increasingly using this method.
  • Company image: With clever advertising in public areas, companies can reach potential customers more than once. As a result, the brand message is remembered for longer.
  • Target group: The marketing campaigns can be controlled regionally and temporally so that a company can better concentrate on the respective target groups.
  • High reach: With outdoor advertising, companies address many people simultaneously.

On the one hand, creative outdoor advertising increases the range around the point of sale (POS). On the other hand, it can influence the purchase decision of people who have viewed the company advertisement. Outdoor advertising also has a positive effect on sales.

Promotional Gifts – Practical And Effective

In addition to outdoor advertising, classic promotional gifts are still popular when promoting a company. The following giveaways are particularly suitable for startup companies:

  • Giveaways: At events and trade fairs, the distribution of classic promotional gifts such as caps, fabric bags, lighters, and pens is a good idea. These are frequently used and thus ensure that a company stays in customers’ minds.
  • Sustainable promotional gifts: The topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in everyday life. People are increasingly paying attention to a sustainable lifestyle and consumption. This need can also be covered with promotional gifts, such as organic food or products made from the renewable raw material wood.
  • High-quality gifts can also be more expensive promotional gifts for special customers. High-quality products help, for example, to win a new major customer or an extensive order for the company. For example, an innovative technical product with the company’s logo or a good bottle of wine comes into question.

Promotional gifts don’t have to be expensive. As a rule, the giveaways mentioned are completely sufficient. Companies have these made in large numbers and distribute them to interested people.

Advertising On Radio, Television, And In The Press

Online marketing, such as search engine optimization, Google Ads, or social media campaigns, is increasingly important in marketing. Nevertheless, classic advertising measures are still an important part of marketing. In addition to the advertising media mentioned, companies still use most of their budget to advertise on radio, television, and in the press. This is because most people use these media daily.

Why Is A Good Advertising Campaign So Important For Companies?

Advertising accompanies us everywhere in everyday life. Brochures with the current offers are in the mailbox every week, the television program is regularly interrupted by advertising blocks, and advertising banners appear on the Internet. While advertising existed mainly in shop window pictures and posters on advertising pillars and billboards, today, entrepreneurs are increasingly using moving images. A good mix of different forms of advertising ultimately leads to the goal.

A good advertising campaign can promote the long-term success of a company. For a campaign to bring hoped-for success, it must be optimally tailored to the company’s goals and products. Therefore, it is important to consider which target group you want to address first. Is the product or service aimed more at people working in an office or artisans? Should younger or older people be addressed?

A target group analysis brings light into the darkness. Once the target group has been determined, it is necessary to check how and through which channels it can best be addressed. For example, while the older generation is less concerned with the Internet, young people spend a lot of time on the World Wide Web. Such considerations are important for a successful advertising campaign.

Advertising For Companies: It All Depends On A Good Mix!

Founders and startup companies today have numerous opportunities to draw attention to themselves. In addition to advertising on radio, television, and the press, as well as traditional advertising media such as promotional gifts that are distributed at events or given to customers in a targeted manner, digital outdoor advertising is gaining in popularity. This is flexibly adaptable, can be used individually, and reaches many people simultaneously.

However, there is no universal advertising strategy. Depending on the industry, the companies must orient themselves to the current market situation, the target group, and the competition. A mixture of traditional and digital advertising measures promises the greatest success. This makes it possible to equally address people of all professions and interest groups.

Tip for founders: Verbal recommendations are important, especially at the beginning. It’s free and effective. The first way is usually via relatives and acquaintances to whom the company founder introduces new products. They will recommend it to other people if they are convinced of the quality. The founder benefits from this multiplication factor. He has built up his first customer base.

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