6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Business On Social Media


Is it crucial to pay attention to social media brand promotion?

Over 85% of marketers say they witnessed huge business exposure through social media platforms, while 92% agree that social media channels play an important role in their business marketing plan.

But you need to do something more than just post content to create brand presence and engage the audience. For example, use organized strategies to boost your social media marketing efforts, increase visibility and convert followers into paying customers.

Without further ado, here are six unfailing ways of promoting your business on social media:

1. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Research properly to find out which social media is popular among your audience and start experimenting with different platforms.

Facebook is widely popular with a huge user base and offers businesses a good chance of hitting their target audience. You can use the platform to boost brand awareness and encourage positive feedback about your business.

More than 60% of users check Instagram regularly, making it the perfect podium for you to promote products through videos and images. Then there’s Twitter used by over 20% of Americans. It is an excellent channel for informing and engaging the target audience and highlighting your brand personality.

And how can you forget YouTube videos that effectively increase brand engagement? You can also choose other social networking sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok to promote your business only if you find them relevant enough.

2. Use Micro-Influencers for Sharing Brand Aesthetics

There’s nothing wrong with using branded content. It is self-serving and entails advertising under a very thin cover of entertainment and information. Just do not create branded content yourself. Get micro-influencers for the job.

When it is about creating branded content, there’s nothing better than influencer marketing as it places your products and services in the hands of individuals that the audience trusts.

Pura Vida Bracelets is a multimillion-dollar company that uses different marketing tools for promotions. But its main marketing focus has always revolved around influencers. 

The team at Pura Vida Bracelets digs through different social media sites, specifically Instagram, to find influencers and creators to fit the brand’s vibe. The team communicates through emails and gets influencers for paid collaborations in exchange for posts, images, IG lives, IG stories, giveaways, and account take-overs.

3. Reap the Benefits of Videos

Do you wish to engage your target audience on different social media platforms? Then try making the most of live videos. Surveys have found that 83.8% of the users like watching live videos from brands. 

Therefore, incorporating live videos into your marketing matrix is a must. Bob Heilig, the founder of a training resource for networking marketers, Your Virtual Upline, says he made over $200000 as revenue within the first month of his business launch by using the power of live videos.

Apart from live videos, behind-the-scenes videos, products demonstration videos, and interview videos are also effective. Simply use an online video maker to create them and take your brand promotion to the next level.

4. Change Your Marketing Approach As Per Network

Creating the same content for all the networks does not bring desired results because your audiences on Facebook are different than on LinkedIn.

Experiment with different vocabulary and tones. Use a sales-oriented content copy if you are promoting your business on LinkedIn and if it’s Snapchat, use more memes and GIFs because the audience there is younger.

5. Integrate Social Content of Brand Experts into Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Quite the same as influencer marketing, UGC, or User-Generated Content is making rounds in the market. And brands have started integrating UGC in their marketing plan systematically because from social to sales, UGC is pure gold!

As per reports, people have a higher chance of converting if they see UGC from brands than those who do not.

Take the example of LuluLemon, a Canadian athleisure brand that sells costly clothing and leggings for yoga. They created #thesweatlife and asked the brand stylists and followers to use this hashtag to post their pictures wearing this brand’s clothing. And the result? It became a treasure trove of UGC and enhanced the brand’s reach on social media. 

6. Keep Posting Content Consistently

Just having several social media profiles on different platforms is not enough. You must ensure all your profiles are active. Take it this way: if a user stumbles upon your profile and finds the last post dated three weeks ago, they will not follow you because there is no point in following a brand that does not post content regularly.

Not only this, you must even think about your existing fans and followers. They will not go to your page on their own. You have to invite them by posting fresh content regularly, which will appear on their timelines and home pages.

Take this as a scope to stand out from the competition. If your competitors are posting once during the week, you must post daily to make a lasting impression on prospective buyers. And yes, make it a point to respond to the customers. 48% of the customers say that the response from brands on social media prompts them to make purchases.


So, following these six ways, you can promote your business on social media. Remember, the social media world moves at a very fast pace. Therefore, be open to trying new things and embrace new trends as they keep changing.

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