Entrepreneurship In Structural Business


Right at the beginning, there is no business like a business. In the previous article, I indicated several ways to succeed. From employment, through the possibility of working for yourself as a self-employed person or being the owner of a smaller/larger company and employing your employees. These are traditional ways of working and doing business, and many companies in the world prefer other ways of doing business and employing their employees. One of them is MLM or structural business. Some of you know this way of doing business under the name NETWORKING.

Why Are There So Many Question Marks Around This Way of Doing Business???

Let’s take a closer look at it and explain the differences in a few lines. First of all, you need to realize what business is about. It is about providing future customers/clients with a product or service. Statistics show that the primary motive for people to start a business is the prospect of higher earnings or providing a better service/product to the public.

So what does such a budding entrepreneur need in a standard business? Cafe, shop or some business? In most cases, you will need initial capital (larger/smaller) to buy goods and equipment, you need to get employees and permits from all authorities, you also need to have sufficient know-how, and it is certainly desirable to have at least minimal experience with the product/service you are going to offer to people. I’m writing this from my experience: I owned a clothing store and knew what it all went through.

After all this, you still need to invest your time and energy to start your business. When I write all the time, I mean all the time. Those of you who run a business know what I’m talking about. Despite all these efforts of budding entrepreneurs, the result tends to be uncompromising. Most businesses fail within five years. All that remains is frustration, debt and an unfavorable business experience. Why are people willing to risk all this? The answer is simple: the desire to be wealthy and successful has always been there, which is why people are willing to take this risk. The question legitimately comes up, “well, if it’s this complicated, is there any other way to succeed?” The answer is NO. Every successful business will require the time and energy you put into it, and of course, the area in which you do business can increase the success of your business. 

When I talk to people about business, after such discussions, people usually ask me, “Okay, but what now?” The answer can be precisely the same as I got 20 years ago. Start thinking differently and search in “another forest”. Networking business can be the solution. Why is this so interesting? One of the things you can control at the beginning of your business is the risk you take. And that is the main advantage of the networking mentioned above.

So What Are The Benefits of This Type of Job/Business?

  • No/minimal entry costs – something that does not exist in classic business
  • the possibility of starting even without previous experience 
  • Evaluation according to how you try, not according to the age/school/sympathies of the leader 
  • the possibility of building a career – the possibility of becoming a co-owner of a company 
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a woman/man, 20 or 50 years old; everyone has the same opportunities. 
  • You receive complete know-how on how to do it – clear instructions on increasing success, what to do, and what not to do…
  • Complete education and training – in classic business, no one will show you how to be successful and what to avoid.
  • company support from mentors and managers, technical background and complete materials
  • A high-quality company covers you, and you receive motivational benefits (office allowances, company car, holidays…) 
  • Many other advantages that do not exist in ordinary business

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