How Do I Bring My Business Into Industry 4.0?

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Permanent innovation, responsiveness and personalization of production are now essential within an industry 4.0, which goes hand in hand with increasing cost control.

In an increasingly connected world, the demands of your customers, partners or principals have evolved considerably. To meet these new demands for connected products, flexible production and traceability, you must simultaneously reassess your processes, means of production, and production management software.

Your ERP or CAPM solution must perfectly adapt to these modern expectations to a true nerve center at the heart of data processing. An obsolete solution or one that does not allow you to integrate new functionalities represents a risk for the growth of your business. This is why adopting software for Industry 4.0 is wise and necessary.

Find out why and how to choose a complete production management solution at the service of your productivity and the evolutions of your sector of activity.

Lead The Digital Transformation Of Your Business

In the collective imagination, factory 4.0 or tomorrow’s industry, is inseparable from automation and especially from the robotization of production units. This is particularly the case because new needs and tools (connected objects, autonomous cars, medicine of the future, etc.) require adapting CAPM software to communicate with these advanced means of production.

More concretely, ERP solutions must now offer better monitoring and optimization of manufacturing and the supply chain. Agile, highly customizable, and even tailor-made, the production of industry 4.0 requires using CAPM software to meet these new challenges.

Benefit From An ERP Solution At The Heart of Your Information Flows.

If all the data produced and exchanged by your CAPM solution and your connected means of production can improve your performance, it is because Industry 4.0 gives all its place to humans. The mass of data or data collected by ERP and CAPM software offers a level of analysis that is both global and detailed, never before achieved, for decision-makers and operators. Thanks to big data, they have all the cards in hand to make the right decisions, make realistic forecasts, better control their costs and develop their proactivity – for example, predictive maintenance.

In addition, the new integrated management software packages form a web, a mesh within organizations and businesses. They facilitate the transmission of information, the uniqueness of information, cohesion and, therefore, collaborative work within these structures and exchanges with their ecosystem (partners, customers, subcontractors, etc.).

Forecast And Anticipate Sales With Industry 4.0

Thanks to Industry 4.0 software and the analysis of data shared and transmitted by the Cloud, it is now possible to better forecast and anticipate sales while obtaining high-performance profitability and productivity indicators. But that’s not all! Modern CAPM solutions also offer better monitoring of business and customer relationships. They make it possible to record all commercial relations, exchange information throughout the sales process and, ultimately, better understand and meet customer needs. Having an informed vision of the progress of its ongoing business in real-time, your sales team will be even more motivated and efficient.

How To Choose The Right Management Software?

Entering Industry 4.0 and succeeding in your digital transformation means choosing a management and CAPM software package perfectly suited to your needs and the challenges of your sector of activity. Indeed, integrating new software requires first having a precise vision of your organization, your methods and your processes to gain competitiveness.

You will therefore have to start by carrying out an audit, not only of your current organization and your flows but also of the possible and probable evolutions of your professions, to anticipate your future needs. By including your employees, you will also have valuable feedback to enrich your approach and define the features necessary for the growth of your business.

A software change is, therefore, not only a tool change but, on the contrary, reflects your evolution and serves the challenges that you will have to meet tomorrow. Digitization, robotization, small-quantity manufacturing, product customization, permanent communication with customers and partners: all these characteristics of the industry of the future must be taken into account by your management software. They will constitute the heart of your added value.

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