How To Implement Social Networks In Your Office Effectively


Some Professional Firms ask anyone to create texts for their LinkedIn page, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any of the Social Networks that currently exist and their business is part of.

But putting content from your Office on Social Networks “when someone has a while” will only waste time and money.

To earn money with the networks and not waste time, you have to establish a plan based on a solid and effective strategy, with well-detailed tactical actions to be executed effectively.

In other words, the key to success in social networks is made up of three pillars:

  • The strategy
  • The digital marketing plan
  • The implementation of the digital marketing plan


Although many Professional Firms do not consider this strategic phase, we consider it essential before making a digital marketing plan. Strategy is the mother of the plan:

  • Determine the objectives to be achieved (sales, fame, reputation, visibility, income, customers, etc.)
  • Analyze the competition
  • Analyze the ideal client
  • Analyze the current state of your business on the Networks and what you need to improve


It is structuring tasks, being responsible, and measuring results. The roadmap tells us how to get to the desired situation (objectives) from the current situation, so in the strategic part, it is essential to analyze what situation we are in to know what the starting point is. In the plan, we have:

  • A plan answers the questions: How? When? Where? Who? and that?
  • The plan describes step by step “how” the objectives identified in the strategy are achieved at the level of actions and resources.
  • A list of tasks designed to fulfill what is defined in the strategy (types of content needed and on what platforms are they published, when and who; who, how and when interacts with users, etc.)
  • The times dedicated to each task and those responsible
  • Determine measurement parameters (KPIs)
  • Determine the appropriate measurement tools for each situation and the type of executive reports to prepare


In this phase, the actions outlined in the digital marketing plan are executed, usually executed by the Community Manager. 

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