How To Influence Customers Through The Internet?


If we want our company to stand out from the competition, it is important to work on influencing consumers. In the current context, we must be efficient in the development of the business activity, but to excel in our sector, we must influence our public. Influence can be the subtle difference that makes consumers choose our brand rather than the competition.

The development of the Internet and social networks are important factors that we can manage to achieve this goal. For this, we must identify ourselves as a credible, attractive, accessible company that knows how to handle conflictive situations.

4 Factors That Determine Our Influence on The Network

Credibility: to reflect an image of credibility on the Internet, we must appear to our target as competent. Demonstrating experience and reliability are factors that will help us be valued positively and, consequently, improve credibility.

We cannot fall into the error of using the Internet to proclaim from the rooftops how well we do our job (since we would achieve the opposite effect), but we must try to demonstrate it. For this, we will try to keep our clients informed of the achievements and successes obtained, taking care not to appear arrogant. You have to do the same with the “influencers” or public figures of reference. For example, if we work for a company that sells sportswear, we can use social media to report on the excellent performance of Rafa Nadal in the last Grand Slam or the great job Pau Gasol did in his match against the Bulls from Chicago.

Attractive: a maxim of emotional marketing is to associate a brand with positive emotions, feelings or values. We must analyze our company to identify those specific values ​​that we represent and want to transmit to the public, such as respect, justice, cooperation, honesty, trust, commitment, efficiency, discipline … Once we have made this selection, we must try to impregnate these values ​​all our publications on social networks, corporate blog, web pages …

Accessibility: before the appearance of social networks, users saw brands as inaccessible. One of the advantages of new media is its ability to contact the public, and that said public can easily contact us. We will try by all means to promote this two-way relationship since failure to do so could seriously damage our corporate image. Being in constant contact with the needs of our public, offering them solutions adapted to their needs and following a policy of personalized attention on social networks like Facebook are crucial aspects for them to consider us as a close and accessible brand

Handling Conflict Situations: Having an active presence on the Internet and social networks can be an important boost to improve the brand image, but it also involves risks. Many companies have suffered major brand crises on social networks, leading to a serious deterioration of vision and credibility. We must try by all means to avoid these situations. If they occur, we must be prepared and follow an appropriate action protocol designed to counteract the possible negative effects or conflicts derived from this situation. Acknowledging mistakes and offering credible explanations are essential. If we have doubts about acting in these situations, it is interesting to analyze how other companies or brands have reacted to similar circumstances.

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