How To Write The Best Resume To Get Hired?


The curriculum vitae or resume is an essential document for all those looking for a job and those who want to change employment and finally aim higher or dedicate themselves to the branch they like best and with which they are most at ease.

Writing a perfect curriculum vitae that will attract the employer’s attention is not a very simple task. It takes method, technique, and obviously, you need to know how to write incorrect and fluent Italian so that once read, everything is clear and no question marks or misunderstandings arise.

This step must be taken into consideration because often, a cover letter must be attached to the curriculum vitae that can summarize in a few lines the motivations, characteristics, and aptitudes of the candidate. Consequently, how do you write an ideal curriculum vitae to get hired? Beyond that, how can you improve your document given the job advertisements so that it is as relevant as possible?

First of all, the curriculum vitae must be as personalized as possible. That is, it must 100% reflect the owner of the document. The CVs that most remain in the mind of employers are those who tell a story, explaining in detail their career path, in what the candidate could be distinguished from all the others, what characteristics he presents, and what role he feels more carried why. For example, some sites allow you to create a European CV.

Suppose you are writing your curriculum vitae based on a clear and precise job advertisement. In that case, it is advisable to take the advertisement as a starting point and highlight how relevant the individual is to the position sought in your document. In other words, everything must be in harmony without deviating too much from the required professional figure. It is essential in this regard to describe as much as possible which tools or machinery you can use or if you have a certificate, course, or recognition that certifies that you have sufficient or in-depth knowledge of operational devices.

After that, it helps that the curriculum vitae is tidy and that the most critical information for the employer immediately catches the eye. This means that you should use bulleted and numbered lists and bold type to highlight the essential parts and critical points. In this way, the document will be easily readable and will not be too heavy to read.

Beyond that, the first information you need to put in is your data. These are very important in case the recruiter wants to get in touch with the candidate. The data must constantly be updated, and particular attention must be paid to writing the correct telephone number and personal email. The photo is also included in the personal data. This allows the employer to get an idea of ​​the person; precisely for this reason, photography must be professional with a neutral background and clothing appropriate to the document.

Another feature of having an effective curriculum vitae in line with a hiring perspective is that it is as full of details and experiences as possible up to that point. However, it must be borne in mind that if you are drafting a CV based on a specific job advertisement, then it is necessary to emphasize only the most relevant facts and experiences most relevant to the desired position, leaving out other details that would not be of any importance to the employer. Even if there are no precise and correct rules regarding the curriculum vitae length, this shouldn’t be too long. Two, a maximum of three pages are more than enough for the employer to understand if the candidate might be of interest to him or not.

As described above, the essential factor is to personalize the document. For this reason, there must be a part at the bottom of the document that lists the hobbies, interests, or volunteer activities and any experiences relevant to the job posting. All of these can be crucial in helping the recruiter to choose. Obviously, in all this, we must never lose sight of the focus of the topic, that is, for which job position you are applying for. If you have interests and leisure activities that are not attributable to the job position, it is better not to include them.

Finally, an aspect not to be underestimated is that of honesty. It is not advisable to invent qualifications, diplomas, or courses not completed, as it is better not to make explicit that you have skills higher than those you possess. An obvious example is that relating to languages: if you know English at a basic level, it is not recommended to write in the document that you see the language written and spoken fluently and at an advanced level because later on, the employer may request a test to be sure of the truth.


The best resume to get hired is an honest document that reflects the job applicant as much as possible. We must not exaggerate inputting information and experiences, better to listless but relevant to the position you want to fill. In addition to previous work experience, an important role is played by the skills and competencies to which a large part of the document must be dedicated, listing the linguistic, interpersonal, and IT skills and related courses carried out.

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