How To Fix Hulu Error Code p-edu125 [Guide]

Hulu Error Code p-edu125

If you are using Hulu Streaming service and you encountered an error like Hulu Error Code p-edu125, then you are at the right place. Here in our blog we will explain to you how to fix Hulu Error Code p-edu125 in simple steps.

What Is Hulu?

Hulu is a streaming service where we can watch millions of movies, TV Shows, TV series and other content. This is one of most popular streaming services that is used by people all over the world. If all is well with your device and Hulu account then you can enjoy the streaming without any disturbance. In case if there is a problem within your device or Hulu account then you will get to see the error codes like “Hulu Error Code p-edu125”. Not only this error we will also get errors like Metadata-2 error, Runtime-2 error, P-TS207, P-DEV320/302/312/313, RUNUNK13 error. Out of all these P-edu125 errors is the major issue, so here in our article let us discuss how to solve this and enjoy disturbed streaming on your HULU.

Hulu Error Code p-edu125 is mainly caused due to subscription errors. While the other errors mainly occur due to hardware or software problems and your internet connection issues.

Reasons For The Occurrence Hulu Error Code p-edu125

Below are some of the reasons why you are encountering this P-edu125 error

  • Multiple logins
  • Billing issues
  • Cache Issues
  • Issues when you done your subscription

Steps To Fix Hulu Error Code p-edu125

There are some methods you need to look into for solving Hulu Error Code p-edu125 error on your Hulu streaming service. Below are some of the major methods we need to follow to solve the error. Let’s have a look into them.

Logout From all Your devices

To do this simply follow the below mentioned steps

  • First login into your HULU account with your credentials
  • Now click on your icon symbol 
  • Now click on the manage devices option
  • It will show all the devices on which your account is logged in.
  • Now click on the remove option beside each device.
  • After that, now again login to your account and look at whether the error is showing.
  • If it is solved then you can stream your content. If not, you have to try another method.

Cancel Hulu Subscription and Subscribe Again

This is another method to solve Hulu Error Code p-edu125. To apply this method first you have to follow below steps

  • First visit your hulu account on your device
  • Click on account settings
  • At the bottom there will be cancel subscription option
  • Click on that so that your hulu subscription will be ended.
  • Now you have to take another subscription with the help of any third party service.

After this process, check if the Hulu is working and the streaming is good without any errors. If all is good then you have solved your problem.

Updating Your Payment Information

This is one of the main steps you have to follow if you’re encountering Hulu Error Code p-edu125.

  • First go to your Hulu account
  • Click on the user option
  • Go to the subscription page.
  • Go to the payment page and click on update payment information.
  • Now change your credit card or debit card.
  • Now after changing the payment information and taking Hulu subscription the errors will disappear.

Clear Cache

This is the last method you have to do if you are still encountering errors in Hulu streaming service. Here you need to clear the cache and cookies of the device and app. This makes all the data erased and keeps your app and device clean. Now you login again to your Hulu account and try streaming for your content. Sometimes it may work.


We have to try each and every method mentioned above to get rid of Hulu Error Code p-edu125. If all these methods are not working then there is another problem with your account. Now you have to contact the customer support to solve the issue. They may hear your problem and help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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