What Is The Monkey Holding Box Incident?

Monkey Holding Box

Nowadays if we need any information regarding anything the first thing we will do is to open Google and search the query. Within seconds google search engine will show the complete information regarding our query. Google is one of the worlds best search engines, it will show the exact search results to the queries or keywords that we enter. Do you believe google has made a mistake once? Yes, it has done a mistake. For a search query Monkey Holding Box the google showed a black boy holding a box in his hands. This made google to face huge online backslash. it is not intended by google, the algorithms had made that mistake which affected the google reputation.

If you do not know the Monkey Holding Box Incident then this guide will help you to find out the information regarding the incident and all the news about the incident.

Monkey Holding Box Incident

Google is one of the powerful tools and a trustworthy source for billions of people in the world. But in one instance for a search called “Monkey Holding Box”, google showed a video and images of an African youngster holding a box. Normally google search results are based on the algorithms. Algorithms will take the keywords into consideration and shows the search results to us.

This is totally unintentional from Google. It is an algorithm error. But some people have raised a point that the search engine algorithms are also biased. Many people also criticized that google is biased.

Where Did It Go Wrong?

Normally when we use a keyword in the search box then we would expect the information dn images and videos related to that keyword. Similarly when we use the Monkey Holding Box keyword we would expect the images and videos of monkeys with a box in their hands. But here google showed an innocent boy holding a box in one of its images.

It is not the fault of Google, it is the fault of the person who designed and created that image and video with a tag or keyword “Monkey Holding Box”. he would have used this because he wanted to rank his video in the top of the search results. But he does not know that he is making a blunder.

Because of the person’s mistake the google algorithms showed the results according to the tags and keywords so that the boy’s image had appeared along with the other images with monkeys holding a box in their hands.


From this article you had understood that in the Monkey Holding Box Incident the complete mistake belonged to the person who wanted to rank his video at the top of the google search results. He used some tricks and made the google algorithms to show his video at the top. But to dub an innocent human as a monkey is not a good thing. This incident had hurted some of the communities across the world. In this total process there is no mistake made by google. But after this incident google is taking proper care in its search results to not to repeat this type of incident.

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