What Is ProxyBunker? – Proxy Bunker Alternatives [2024]


Due to the pandemic worldwide, people had to stay at home, which leads to a search for more entertainment on televisions and the internet. Some people will take the OTT platforms subscriptions and watch the newly released Movies, TV Shows and TV Series. Still, some people will use torrent sites for downloading movies for those people ProxyBunker is the perfect place to get in and search for movies or any other entertaining content.

Proxybunker also comes under the torrent websites category and is considered an illegal website that is not recommended to use. Many states have blocked these kinds of pirated websites to stop piracy, but websites like Proxy Bunker still exist on the web.

What Is a ProxyBunker?

ProxyBunker is a place where we can find all the torrent sites and their proxy or mirror websites working presently. Generally, if the torrent website is not working, people will look for that torrent site’s proxy or mirror website. At such a point, we need not waste our time searching it on the web or any other place, and Proxy Bunker is providing all the mirror websites for every torrent site freely so that you can get one from the proxybunker quickly and also for free of cost.

Proxybunker also has so many top features like:

  • Well designed user interface.
  • Availability of all kinds of Torrent sites.
  • Make sure that at least one mirror site will exist for every torrent site.
  • One of the main features of Proxy Bunker is it will give us AD free content.
  • The proxies that are present on the proxybunker are checked and examined at regular intervals by the administrators.

Why Proxy Bunker?

When they want to access a torrent site, many people will face difficulties like not opening the website or being blocked. So to avoid all these irritating things, we need to utilize the services of the proxybunker online website, which is there for free to use. We will not face any difficulties if we use this site because there are many proxy sites for each torrent website. If you are not able to open with one proxy, then try another one. At some point in time, you will get access to the torrent website you are looking for.

How To Access Proxybunker Website?

The use of ProxyBunker is straightforward. Everyone can easily able to access its content in a simple way without any obstacles. Below are the simple steps that we had mentioned, from which you can quickly know how to open a proxy bunker website.

Step 1: First, open the Proxybunker website in your browser(to do this first, you have to make sure that you are using VPN service on your device because as this website also comes under the torrent category, it will be blocked in many states. So by using VPN service, we can unblock the blocked site.)

Step 2: After the website’s opening, you can see several torrent websites on the homepage of the proxy bunker. Just click on the torrent which you want to open for downloading sites. Automatically the torrent site will open with the help of proxy and mirror sites.

Working Site For ProxyBunker:

At present, the working site for a proxy bunker is proxybunker.Online.

You can use the above URL for the opening of proxybunker.

Alternatives For ProxyBunker For Torrent Proxies [Updated & 100% Working 2023]

Not only proxybunker but there are also more sites on the internet that will provide us with the proxy and mirrors for the torrent websites. In our article, we will mention such websites that are similar to the proxy bunker, and you can use them as alternative sites.

Proxy Ofhttp://proxyof.com/
The Proxy Bayproxybay.one
Torrent MirrorTorrentMirror.net
Torrent Guardhttps://www.torrentguard.com/
Tor Guardhttp://torguard.net/
Torrents VPNhttps://www.torrentsvpn.com/
Unblock Torrenthttps://unblocktorrent.com/?ref=cybrhome

Torrent Websites In Proxybunker.online

There are many torrent websites along with their proxy and mirrors in proxybunker. Below are some of them 

  • 13377x
  • 123Movies
  • Extra Torrents
  • Idope Torrents
  • Torrent Galaxy
  • Lime Torrents
  • Torrentz
  • Torrentz9

Not only movie downloading sites, but there will also be some Free Live Sports Streaming sites like

  • Star cricket
  • Sonyliv
  • Hotstar
  • WWEtv
  • Starsports
  • Live football
  • first row sports
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Geo super
  • Racing uk
  • BT sport 1

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Is It Safe To Use Proxy Bunker?

We can say two answers to this question: Yes, and the other one is No. let us discuss One by one.

NO – using any torrent websites is not a safe process because there will be some disadvantages like data theft from your device which you are using, and virus attacks also sometimes affect your systems.

YES – I must not say yes, but if you follow specific rules and regulations, you are safe. We have to install antivirus software programmes on our devices if we want to use torrent websites. By this, we can reduce the attack of viruses and can stop data theft from our devices. 

Can We Find Every Torrent On ProxyBunker?

The answer will be yes. You can find almost every torrent website and their mirror sites on proxybunker. If the torrent is the new one, we cannot find it on the proxy bunker until the admins add that site to the existing torrents list.

Not only the torrent website, but we can also find the proxies which help us to open the original torrent site and make us able to access the content from that site.

Final Words

Now you all get to know what proxybunker is? And why is the proxy bunker used by people all over the world? Although many sites provide mirror websites to torrent and other movie downloading sites, proxybunker has certain features that make it very special and attract more visitors day by day.

Here We just discussed the information that is on the web. With this, we do not encourage any piracy or torrents. We always tell our readers not to promote piracy because it is an illegal thing that will harm other people. There are many OTT platforms to watch out for like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, ULLU, Hotstar, etc. and it is safe to use them by doing subscriptions. in recent days all the latest movies are releasing in OTT platforms so better choose them.

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