Achieving greater visibility and more traffic to our website is one of the keys to a company’s success. Faced with such extensive and fierce competition, it is essential to be present on the Internet, and above all, to stand out from the rest. When a potential consumer search for information about a product or service, having our brand appear among the first results positions us from the first moment in an advantageous situation compared to the rest.

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In this post, we will tell you what SEM positioning is, the keys to doing it correctly and the advantages it entails.

What Is SEM Positioning?

SEM positioning comes from the English terms Search Engine Marketing, translated as ‘ Search Engine Marketing. ‘
The key to understanding the definition of SEM positioning is basically that it is a paid positioning. It refers to all those paid actions that can be carried out in search engines.
Its tool par excellence is Google Ads. There are other tools for other search engines, but since Google is the most used search engine, Google Ads has become our main ally.
In Google Ads, we will use Google Adwords, a system of bids for keywords, a concept that we will expose throughout this blog.

Keys To Perform An Effective SEM Positioning.


Choosing the keywords correctly is one of the fundamental keys for the SEM campaign to achieve the proposed objectives.

The starting point is to think about the words that users will use to search for the products or services we want to sell, so it is essential to get into the customer’s mind to think like him.

It is common to make the mistake of using general keywords to reach as many people as possible, and this isn’t easy to attract users who are potential customers. This is why general keywords are not usually a good option, since more companies are using them, and therefore their price is higher.

Without a doubt, the best option is to opt for specific keywords related to the topic of our ad. Thus, we address customers interested in the product or service offered. However, care must be taken that these are not too specific since the number of users reached could be too small.


SEM positioning offers us a wide variety of possibilities for segmenting the target audience: gender, age, geographic location, and even tastes and hobbies. In addition, there is the possibility of generating different types of ads and allocating them to other targets.

For this reason, we have to take advantage of all these parameters so that our ad is directed to the correct target and thus achieve optimal results without wasting the investment made in the campaign.


The monitoring of results is one of the fundamental points that we must consider for the SEM campaign to work effectively.

It is essential to regularly analyze how each keyword is working and if it is serving to position ourselves among the first results in the search engine.

Thus, we will be able to modify those that are not working as expected and control the investment allocated to them.


Although SEM positioning gives us the possibility of obtaining excellent results in terms of traffic generation (a concept that we will talk about later), we cannot settle for this single course of action.

Complementing the SEM positioning with a good SEO positioning will help us, once the client has reached our website, to continue browsing it and purchase our product or service.

For this reason, the copies and images that we show on our website and social networks must be of quality to ensure that the user conceives a professional and careful brand image.

Benefits Of Betting on SEM Positioning.


As we explained before, SEM positioning gives us excellent options for segmenting the target audience since being very personalized helps us reach our target. By segmenting the target audience so precisely, we can generate different ads depending on the target, which has a significant advantage: the ads will always be better received if they reach an audience that is positively predisposed to see them and be interested in them.


By doing SEM positioning, we can decide precisely what budget to invest in the campaign, and also, it is only paid when users access our ad, which is known as CPC (Cost per click).


As we explained before, when performing a paid positioning with Google Ads, our web page will appear in a higher place in the search engine highlighted with the concept ‘ Ad’ in green, above other organic results obtained by SEO.

The main result and benefit that this entails is the increase in traffic to the web, getting users to visit the page. This, in turn, brings other achievements such as brand awareness and increased sales.


The results of SEM positioning are usually entirely immediate. As soon as the campaign is optimized, the traffic to the web will increase, and we will be able to return a large part of the investment made.


SEM positioning allows us to check the effectiveness of each keyword, how they work day by day, and the position they have helped us achieve in the search engine.

In addition, it gives us precious information about the target audience, which will help us both see which message has caused the most significant impact on the audience and collect data about their tastes, which will be very useful in the future.

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