Seven Tips To Increase Your Productivity Working From Home

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We give you 7 tips, so your Productivity is always at the highest level!

Create A Routine That Includes Breaks

Routine is one of the essential elements you must consider when working at home. Marking a clear time of entry and exit and in which you contemplate the breaks will help you set a pattern to follow in case you disperse. Many workers who are working remotely do not rest. They immerse themselves in the computer screen and do not leave it until closing time, and the break is necessary. It allows you to disconnect, clarify your ideas and return to work with a different approach. When you get stuck on a task or feel like you’re not being productive, it’s wise to give yourself a break and then come back with more force.

Of course, you must try to keep to the schedule to avoid those interruptions you are exposed to when you are at home. Communicate your schedules at home so everyone will know when they can’t interrupt you, and you’ll be able to distribute better and organize your day.

Prioritize Tasks

By scheduling the tasks you have to do during the day, you will have a clearer vision of what things have to be finished. Use the schedule and mark the tasks according to the priority order and the estimated time that you think they can take you. In this way, you will have more control over the day, and if something is not achieved, you will have time to communicate it in the company or request help from a colleague.

Choose The Workplace Well

Where you work is important. It can be anywhere in the house with good lighting, a comfortable chair, and a door you can close to let others know you’re working. Please avoid using the bed or the sofa since they are places associated with rest and free time. Do not ensure the correct posture that provides the recommended ergonomics to avoid occupational hazards. In addition, by allocating a specific place for your work, you create differentiated spaces and, thus, can better disconnect at the end of the working day.

It is good to surround the workspace with things that inspire you and make you feel good, such as flowers, paintings, books… Make your “office” a comfortable place where you don’t mind being and where you feel good. Also, discover these other tips for good teleworking!

Avoid Distractions

The most common external distractions are related to social networks and mobile phones. So, please turn off your cell phone so as not to be tempted to consult it. Close the sessions of your social networks on the computer and thus avoid easy access. Also, remove them from the bookmarks bar, as long as you don’t work with them or even work with a different browser than the one you usually use. You will see how your concentration and productivity improve and feel more comfortable working.

To these external distractions, we must add those generated internally in the team with messages from colleagues and the tendency to ask about everything at any time, for this asynchronous work will help you. It consists of establishing windows of availability and moments of concentration in which you do not want to be distracted and being able to control them at all times.

Keep Working As A Team

Another key point of remote work is maintaining team communication and coordination. Teamwork positively influences employees’ work productivity since it encourages motivation, which is one of the essential pillars to focus on objectives and improve their achievement in addition to visibly reducing stress. That is why you must maintain cohesion with your colleagues and do exercises to strengthen ties. Leaning on them and feeling that they form a whole will help you work more efficiently.

Collaborative and instant messaging tools are perfect for keeping that flow of information fast and direct with all teams. And if you need an explanatory call, do not hesitate to make it. This speeds up doubts or exchanges of ideas and reduces the time to complete the task.

In this way, times are optimized, processes are streamlined, and productivity is improved by working at home.

Do One Thing At A Time

Some studies like the one from Stanford University indicate that performing only one task at a specific time makes switching to another more productive. Therefore, to improve productivity, it is better to go task by task and do the most complex ones since they generally carry higher mental loads.

Face one first, and do not do several at the same time!

Learn To Disconnect From Work

Disconnecting is one of the keys to being more productive at work and resting well. According to a study from the University of Cambridge, sleeping less than 6 hours daily reduces work efficiency more than smoking or drinking. That’s right, sleeping well is essential so that the processes that occur during sleep are activated, and your whole body works in the best possible way, including the brain.

During the sleep process, the cycles are essential to improve and consolidate memory or to improve the ability to incorporate new data into the mind, among other things. So if you don’t have the optimal breaks, it will affect your brain’s performance, and your productivity will be reduced.

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