The Great Challenges That The Cloud Will Have To Face In The Next Twelve Months


Innovation and technology are living elements in which things are always in the process of change. Therefore, companies must be very aware of the trends that mark the IT schedule and the challenges that impact the tools they use and force them to optimize their technological strategy.

A good IT strategy takes into account the general trends that impact the market and those that specifically affect its key technologies. The cloud is one of the essential technological tools for companies, and understanding what challenges it will have to face in the next twelve months is crucial.

IT managers can create the most advanced strategies and focus on the most critical points with that information in hand.

The Stage of Maturity

Although investment in the cloud is still a small part of overall IT spending, most companies have already embraced the cloud in one way or another. Therefore, the imminent future of the cloud does not go through the growth of corporate users but by assuming the potential generated by having reached the bulk of the market and with it the maturity of the cloud.

In this new stage, the industry will have to focus on optimizing the cost of the cloud and, above all, on getting more potential out of it. It is not about convincing the potential of the cloud – a job is already done – but about taking the cloud further. In short, it is time to enhance it and get the most out of it.

The Jump To Multi-Cloud

One of those elements that will drive the cloud is the commitment to multi-cloud. Companies need to understand multi-cloud and its benefits while dispelling hybrid cloud myths. The expectations are that the multi-cloud will lead the cloud market because it improves things for companies and opens the hand to a greater optimization of resources. Leaping multi-cloud will be the great IT corporate challenge of 2022.

The Cloud Must Be Greener.

Sustainability is one of the great challenges that, in general terms, companies will have to face during 2022. Consumers expect a real commitment to sustainability objectives, which must reach all business areas.

Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the great cloud trends for 2022 that Gartner points out is, precisely, that of making the cloud sustainable and “carbon neutral.” Companies have more ambitious green goals, warns the consultancy, which implies adjusting the cloud strategy and betting on green data centers.

The Problem of Professionals

And, beyond the changes created by the technologies themselves, one of the challenges that the cloud will have to face this year also marks the general IT agenda. Technology departments generally suffer from this issue, and the cloud will not escape the problem. The technological needs of companies increasingly require more trained professionals with more specific skills, but there are not as many workers with these skills as needed.

This makes finding qualified technology partners more important than ever because they help outsource IT work and reduce the pressure generated by the need for talent.

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