Tips To Make Your Content Go Viral


There are many ways to explain the success of the videos that you can find in the Trending tab on YouTube, but it’s certainly not accidental that they went viral.

It’s hard to believe, but even the popularity of such common videos about cats can be explained from the standpoint of science.

According to Experts, several key characteristics can help unleash the viral potential of your content.

From the readability of the content to the use of visual imagery in the header presentation, all of this and many other seemingly insignificant elements can both bring success to your content and make it unnecessary.

Here are 21 ways to make your content go viral. Collected the most critical findings and statistics from industry giants such as HubSpot and Google, this material makes it a treasure trove of secrets for truly explosive content.

Here are some of the main findings:

  • Outbrain found that using parentheses in the headline increased CTR by 38%.
  • Professional photos receive 121% more Facebook shares than semi-professional photos.
  • 27% of all social media reposts occur between 8 am, and 12 am.

Use odd numbers

According to a study by Conductor, odd-numbered headlines generate twice as many clicks as headlines that start with How to.

Examining 150,000 headlines also revealed that those with odd numbers had a 20% better CTR than those with even numbers.

Use brackets

After analyzing 3,000,000 headlines, Outbrain found that using parentheses in a headline increased its click-through rate by 38%.

Use descriptive (speaking) URLs

Research conducted by Microsoft confirms that URLs receive 25% more clicks than others.

Use short URLs

According to Experts, shortened URLs are 2.5 times more likely to attract a click.

Color image on the first screen of the site

Xerox has determined that color images increase the chance of people reading the product manually by 80%.

Short introductory sentences

People read only 28% of a blog post, so you don’t have much time to grab their attention. How to do it? With short sentences. In the course of the research, concluded that quick penalties increase content readability by 78.6%.

Images drive social media citation.

Experts found that content with at least one image generates 94% more views on social media.

Use professional photography

Image quality plays a significant role. According to experts, professional shots receive 121% more Facebook citations than semi-professional shots.

Images add credibility to the content

A study from  Graduate University found that images increase the fidelity of content by 75%.

Use infographics

Infographics generate 2.3 times more social media citations than how-to posts, according to research from Buzzsumo.

Publish Long Content

Experts determined that the probability that any significant material will be cited is 76.8% higher. Such articles must be at least 1,500 words long.

Use post thumbnails

Thumbnail customization ensures that your article reposts include images. Image shares get 150% more retweets and 53% more Facebook likes.

Post between 8 am, and 12 am

27% of all reposts occur during this time, according to data from experts.

Place the Share buttons above the fold line.

Research by Google indicates that content posted above the fold is seen by 58% of users than content below. 

Use hashtags

Experts analyzed 1.2 million tweets and found that those that contained hashtags were cited 55% more.

Be emotional

A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found that content that triggers feelings of surprise, anger, or delight is 28.6% more likely to go viral.

Mentioning opinion leaders

In your article, link to (and notify) someone of authority in your industry. Research from Columbia University proves that influencers are imperative for your content to go viral.

Ask people to share the article.

At the end of the article, place a call for people to save a link to your material on their social pages, share it with their friends and work colleagues. Don’t forget to personalize your CTA. Hubspot research shows that targeted CTAs (Share These Weight Loss Secrets With Your Friends) are 42% more effective than standard CTAs (Share this article).

Match tags to keywords

Search ads are designed to get the most clicks. Matching your page title and description to your search ads will help you drive the most traffic from search sites.

High conversions for you! 

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