Top 5 HR Tasks Best Suited For Automation


In recent years, the concept of automation has become more and more in vogue. The convergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive platforms and automation has had a huge impact on companies’ workforce and organizational structure.

Search For Talent And Hiring

One of the main functions of the HR department is to find and select the talent that the company may need at any time. Although it seems simple, this task requires great dedication, especially in situations where there is a need to hire a lot of staff in a short time, with very little margin to verify that the talent has the desired skills and a perfect job will be achieved—profile fit.

In this case, automation tools can help HR team members save much of their search time, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks, where human contact is essential.

Some companies have already started to streamline this part of recruiting through automation, for example, managing a large pool of candidates.

Reference Check

Reference checking is a key stage where thoroughness is necessary to make the right decisions. It is the phase in which the information that the candidate shows in his CV and tells during the job interview is contrasted, which allows verifying if he is qualified for the position.

This is one of the most time-consuming tasks if done manually, and if not enough resources are dedicated to the process, people who are unsuitable for the position or the company may be hired.


Optimizing the onboarding process can bring great benefits to both the company and its staff:

  • Strengthens the bond and commitment to the company from the first moment.
  • Reduction of staff turnover.
  • Positive working relationships with the rest of the staff.
  • Better performance and productivity.

In this case, automation can support this onboarding process. This has been especially useful when, due to the pandemic, many companies have opted for remote work, and the onboarding process takes place digitally.

Different tools, such as personalized videos, or digital platforms that include the necessary resources to solve the doubts of the new employee from anywhere, will make their incorporation, even if it is remote, much easier, pleasant and attractive.

Another aspect in which automation can be useful in the onboarding process is the facilitation of the administrative tasks of the HR area, solving much of the paperwork involved, for example, welcome emails, checklists or the electronic signature of documentation. This way, staff can focus more on the human factor to help new talent get established.

Collection, Data Analysis And Organization Of Workers

Another task that requires extensive dedication is collecting, managing, and analysing large amounts of employee data, which can help gather valuable insights. If this process is done effectively, it can be used to implement improvements that benefit both the company and the workforce.

Facing big data management is not easy, and doing it manually can be an overwhelming process and lead to errors. For this reason, implementing automation in this field can be a very powerful solution.

The application of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence in managing big data allows for faster and more effective planning, optimizing issues that concern the workforce and, consequently, saving unnecessary costs.

Routine Tasks

If we think about the tasks we usually do throughout the day, we realize that a part of these activities could be handled by technology and save us a lot of time.

Looking at the HR department, we can specify various functions that are performed routinely and could be automated. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Planning and management of templates.
  • Update of employee records.
  • Request handling.
  • Organization of formations.
  • Expense management.

By implementing technology focused on automating processes like these, human resources staff will have more time to focus on this department’s more human and essential side.

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