What Types Of Advertising On The Internet Do We Know, And Which Are The Most Effective?


Today, online advertising is present in practically every branch of business, and its importance has been shown, especially in the last two years during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to advertising on the Internet, many companies were able to promote their products further and thus ensure the running of their business. But which type of online advertising is the best?

Similar to other industries, we know several methods and types of how to ensure it in online advertising.

Although the online marketing communications of companies may differ, their basis should be the same, and that rests on advertising on Google.

How To Advertise On Google?

Advertising on Google should form the core of an online marketing advertising strategy, as advertising through the world’s largest search engine is the most effective.

Such advertising works through the Google Ads platform, and you can create it through several options.

  • Text advertising
  • Video advertisement
  • Image advertising

Ideally, it is advisable to combine all types of this advertisement with an emphasis on how your advertisement will look on mobile devices since it is through them that most customers will reach your product.

There Is More To It Than Meets The Eye.

Creating an effective Google ad is extremely difficult and usually requires years of practice from the person setting it up.

Therefore, in the beginning, feel free to invest in people with experience with this type of advertising because they can advise you and save hundreds of euros per month right from the start.

Advertising On Price Comparators

Another type of advertising on the Internet that could help your business or e-shop is advertising on price comparators.

And that’s why price search engines are the ideal place for your advertisement. However, even in this case, it is true that setting up an ad that will work on these comparators is more complex than it might seem.

Therefore, again, feel free to consult with experts who have experience with this type of advertising.

Combine Appropriately

Of course, there are other types of online advertising worldwide that are also suitable to use and can thus help your business.

We are mainly talking about advertising on Facebook, Instagram or the still unexplored TikTok.

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