You will certainly know it from your own experience: As a rule, most employees do not just work on one task, but on many different activities and projects. We has put together the following tips for you so that you can achieve your goals with the most varied of projects.

1. Prioritize The Projects

The goal is that your projects can effectively contribute to the success and the goal of your organization. However, you have limited time to get involved. Therefore, evaluate the individual processes according to priority, economic efficiency and effect.

2. Apply The Principles of Project Management.

Manage your projects efficiently. When planning, think through the individual project phases, individual sub-projects and set milestones. So you can keep an eye on the controls.

3. Use Synergies

Think about whether there are synergies between the individual projects. In this way you can save yourself individual work and move forward faster, because resources are often scarce, especially in the non-profit sector.

4. projects And Share Knowledge 

Document projects and share knowledge Document your project progress for good transparency, less frictional losses and for follow-up projects to be carried out quickly. This will be of use to you, and also to colleagues who take on representations or provide flexible support.

5. Use Project Management Software.

Project management software such as A-Plan will help you as an IT donation so that you can keep an eye on your goal and plan the next steps and the resources available . In this way, you have the deadlines and the necessary steps in view and do not lose track of lists and slips of paper.

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