Whatsapp – Anyone Who Disregards These Rules Will Be Banned


Anyone who does not follow the guidelines is at risk of being blocked.
Every day, billions of people around the world use the WhatsApp messenger service. However, many users do not know that they often violate the app’s guidelines and could even be blocked as a result.

In the worst case, if you violate the usage guidelines, your phone number could be blocked. If someone you know breaks one of the rules, they can be reported and blocked. There is a “Repo” t” but” in every chat. To prevent this from happening to you, you should observe the following eight rules:

No Spam Messages

Users of the Messenger app are prohibited from sending chain letters. The company draws attention to the fact that this rule applies to text messages and audio, photo, and video recordings.

Insulting Other Users

In the guidelines of WhatsApp, it is forbidden to insult, threaten, harass or make racist references to other users.

Calling For Violence

Anyone who uses WhatsApp must “not “encourage behavior that is illegal or inappropriate.”

Spreading Fake News

According to the guidelines, it is forbidden to “spare” d misrepresentations, falsehoods, or misleading statements.” If “a user distributes such fake news anyway, their account will be blocked.

Spreading Viruses

WhatsApp can send messages and photos, videos, audio files, and various other documents. If the attachment contains a virus, there is a risk of the account being blocked.

Hacking Other Accounts

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to be safe on the Internet. The communication service wants to prevent third parties from reading other people’s ages. Anyone who tries to crack this code will be banned from Messenger immediately.

Assume a Different Identity

Anyone using the messaging service may use a name for their profile. This is shown when someone receives a message from you. WhatsApp does not oblige you to use a real character. However, it is forbidden to impersonate another person.

Changing The Phone Number Too Often

Some smartphones offer the option of using two different SIM cards. If you are abroad more often, you may want to use two mobile phone numbers. If you change your number for WhatsApp more often, you have to commit to a number at some point. Because in the guidelines, it says: “At my point the verification process will be excluded.”

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