6 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Lawncare Business


Nowadays, more and more people are becoming attentive and committed to taking care of their lawns as part of their efforts in boosting their property’s curb appeals. In tandem with this, entrepreneurs with an eye for seeking out business opportunities are recognizing this and creating services to meet these demands.
To continue to provide top-tier services and practical solutions to your customers’ lawn problems, you need to keep pace with the latest technological innovations. Business management apps like lawn care software as well as innovative lawn care equipment can help make your work easier and ensure you provide high-quality and professional services to your customers.
So, how can technology transform and evolve your lawn care business’ performance and service quality? Here are six ways technology can boost your lawn care business:

1. Better monitoring and control

As a lawn care business, it’s natural that you and your team will spend more time outdoors providing field services than being inside performing office duties. So, it may be more difficult for you to keep track of your staff especially when you’ve dispatched them to different residences and addresses. Thanks to technology, time and job tracking is much easier. Lawn care field service software, as offered by Jobber, is available to help you do everything in one place.

Whether it’s scheduling your employees, booking appointments for your customers, dispatching and tracking your employees’ location, or issuing invoices, a lawncare field service app will help you run your lawn care business smoothly and be more organized. You can also perform multiple tasks without the need to do any paperwork, allowing you to focus more time on providing high-quality services for your existing and new customers.

2. More innovative landscape designs  

Years ago, lawn care business owners and designers had to sketch their designs and print them on paper before presenting them to their residential or commercial property owners for discussion and approval. But with landscape designing software, blueprints and drawings have now evolved into 3D designs, digital videos, and interactive model designs.

With this innovative technology, lawn care business owners and landscape designers can easily create landscape designs visually without the need for pencil and paper. Instead, they can do this digitally, reducing costs, time, and effort. If any changes are necessary, changes can quickly be applied, and the design modified until everyone is happy with it.

As part of this process, technology comes into play in being able to cleverly determine how much to charge for the services required to complete the proposed landscape design. Thanks to the 3D printed design or video, accurate estimates are far more easily generated than when done manually as the cost of materials, the time typically taken to complete such a job given the size and complexity, and the overall charges for your service can be calculated quickly and easily.   

3. Better management of assets  

As a lawn care professional, you may find that you use a wide range of tools and resources on any given day. Using an asset management solution lets you conveniently monitor your assets, know where they’re being used, how they’re being used and identify if they are due to be serviced etc. You can also manage your assets via your phone or tablet while on the go.

4. Automation of back-office admin tasks 

Automating your back-office admin tasks and processes is perhaps one of the best advantages of technology you can utilize. With the creation and development of field service software, you can manage and perform your admin duties without having to sit in an office for long periods. Instead, you can automate your business processes from one device and complete them quickly, promptly, and error-free.

5. Provide battery-powered equipment  

With the help of technology, battery-powered tools and materials are becoming one of the leading trends within the landscaping industry. Aside from making your job easier, using battery-powered equipment is also better for the environment. 

The costly gas-powered landscaping tools are already known to cause pollution and other harmful effects to the environment. By switching to green technology, you are presenting yourself as an eco-conscious business to your customers, which might be a selling point for them in using your services over your competitors and winning new business that feels strongly about more sustainable practices as a result.  

With battery-powered equipment, you can do your jobs quicker and more effectively while keeping the environment clean and healthier.

6. Invention of robotic mowers

Technology has made it possible to use robotic mowers. Robotic mowers can mow your customers’ lawns without human interference. Not only will they help cut the grass with perfect precision, but they can also avoid soil obstacles due to their hi-tech sensory powers. You can also control and keep track of these automated robotic mowers using an app on your mobile phone or laptop.

This highly innovative tool can be beneficial for your business as you’ll no longer have to hire someone for lengthy hours to do this for you, thus reducing labor costs. Plus, if you only have limited employees, you can assign them to more complicated tasks, like planting or gardening, while letting the robotic mowers take care of the lawns.


Overall, technological advancements have transformed how lawn care and landscaping businesses operate and provide services for their customers. Aside from making it more convenient to run your business, these innovations have also made it easier to put your customers’ visions into reality. So, if you haven’t invested in any of these technological tools as yet, now’s the best time to do so, so you can stand out from the crowd as a competitive player in the landscaping industry in your region.

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