Tips Against Social Media Fatigue And Burnout


Social media tiredness, burnout, or fatigue are buzzwords of the time. Not everyone enjoys presenting themselves to the world public – especially not every day, and not everyone feels ready to leap into digital self-expression. Added to this are the input, offers, and 24/7 pouring in. Especially since most people only report about their successes, the latest products, corporations, and brilliant lectures or workshops. The reality or the look behind the scenes, where mistakes happen, the imperfect comes to light, and an offer doesn’t crash through the roof, is rarely shown.

If you don’t set limits in time, think you have to “keep up no matter what,” or don’t get down to business extremely efficiently, you run the risk of getting tired of social media or burnout.

This article is about what you can do specifically to prevent it from getting that far and how you can get out of it.

Social Media Survival Strategies

One of the sentences I hear the most in my social media consultations is: “No matter what I do – it doesn’t work. The number of followers is still the same, and access to my website is zero. I don’t know what else to do.”

There is a lot to be learned from this:

  • Someone seems to be exhausted with postings and their time on social media, etc.
  • The focus is on the number of followers as an indicator of whether something works or not. 
  • “No matter what I do” sounds like a muddle instead of focus and strategy.

The first most important thing is: You don’t have to dance at all weddings, but only at 2 or 3, but then really dance there!

The second is: The number of followers is not decisive.

The third thing is: that the wild and daily posting of content alone is not productive, and it only makes up a fraction of how you can operate or control your social media. Interaction is the key!

But the most important thing is: Do what you enjoy and not what frustrates or bores you after a short time. Focus more on yourself than anything that happens in the digital world!

Please: Do Your Own Social Media Thing!

If you compare yourself to others, you are on the wrong track. Of course, you can get inspiration or see how others fill a newsletter, how their sales funnel works, or what content they produce. However, it is much more important: Which measures, channels, and content fit perfectly with your products and offers?!

After that, it also depends on which weddings you dance to. And a manageable number of marriages (!).

  • What good is Instagram if your target audience isn’t there?
  • What is the use of topics that do not fit you or your business? 
  • As a solopreneur, how do you want to perform every day that a marketing department might do for others?

Learn First, Then Do It: Expert Instead of Wishy-Washy

Do you know what I do when I notice that someone is “forcing” themselves to post something or show a video of themselves? Or if someone is just keen to have as many followers as possible – who may not even correspond to their target group.

I stay away. I even think that’s stupid. Why? Because I’m against the artificial and cramped. This is inauthentic, unconvincing, and not what most people are looking for and need. Namely: Human! 

It jumps out at me (and many others, too) much more when I experience or see something that shows the natural person behind it. I don’t want it to be slick and perfect, and I want storytelling and individuality. Whether on a website or LinkedIn, Twitter, and Co. 

Use Digital Media To Learn Mindfulness.

It may sound paradoxical to you, but what I’ve learned, especially in digital media, is to “save” my time, energy, and goals. Each of us determines what we reveal about ourselves and how much time we spend on certain things. Here are a few tips and suggestions from my experience over the past few years:

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