7 Marketing Tips – This Is How SMEs Get Through The Corona Crisis


The new Covid-19 does not stop at any industry and presents small and medium-sized companies in particular with significant challenges. We have put together seven Marketing tips to help you survive the crisis as well as possible.

Google MyBusiness – Make Service Visible

Have you changed opening times? Delivery service or “to take away”? Tell Google. Update your Google+ MyBusiness profile according to the new regulations.

Due to the pandemic, Google has relaxed its guidelines and now allows additions to names such as “delivery service” or “to take away.” The updates will appear in your company profile in Google Search and on Google Maps.

If you don’t have a MyBusiness profile yet, you should do it now. With free digital business entry, you can reach new customers via Google search and Google Maps. The only requirement: you need a Google account.

Social Media is Booming

The coronavirus is causing a social media boom. React to the changed user behavior and post your products/services here on the relevant social media channels. Also, remember to point out changed opening times and reach you with suitable hashtags (e.g., #LocalDealer) a higher reach.

Online Shop Light – Sell Via Instagram and Facebook

Those already active in social networks but do not have their online shop can use Instagram and Facebook as sales channels. The LIV concept store shows how well this works.

Develop New Services

From fitness videos on YouTube, advice via FaceTime to street sales and contactless home delivery: the current situation calls for creativity. Test out what makes sense for your company and communicate the new service across all channels.

Discounted Vouchers – Credit and Customer Loyalty at The Same Time

Even if the vouchers cannot be redeemed at the moment, they serve as credit for you and as an incentive for customers at the same time when the public restrictions are relaxed again. Offer discounted vouchers to increase the incentive to buy.

Corporations – Many Things Are More Accessible Together

Cooperate with other companies in your area. If your company is not affected by a closure, you can, for example, add products from other regional suppliers to your range or team up for a home delivery service.

Use Existing Online Services – Maintain Regional Visibility

Some cities or private initiatives have already started to create an online list that lists all retailers in the region who take orders (online / over the phone etc.) and deliver or send them. If you are not yet listed here, have them added to you.

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