Adopt The New Trends That 2022 Has Brought In Digital Marketing


Longer content, the presence of Google’s EAT or the Core Web Vitals are three of the new trends that digital marketing is already beginning to adopt in this new year. The world of business digitalization is constantly evolving, renewing, optimizing and updating its infinite functionalities, techniques and strategies.

It is true that year after year, the new trends in the sector follow the same line, based on the prominence of quality content, that conveys confidence and that comes from great experts. However, some strategies that previously bore fruit, such as the brevity in content writing or the notable presence of external links, no longer do so with such intensity. Any business whose current purpose is to achieve success through a digital marketing strategy must be aware of and adopt the new trends that are here in 2022 to stay .

During 2021, Google announced that it would soon begin to take user experience on a website into account when evaluating and positioning it. Through the Core Web Vitals , the great Internet giant evaluates the quality of the user’s navigation on a web page, and thus assesses the positioning it deserves.

If something characterizes the SEO department of SER or no SER, it is its constant interest, search and adaptation to the new trends that arrive in the sector . Now the famous Core Web Vitals work very closely and use tools to measure them and thus ensure an optimal user experience on our clients’ websites.

On the other hand, our content department currently dedicates more time to each section of the websites that we work on, since now those pages with longer content will be valued and positioned . Of course, it is not about including filler words, but about knowing how to generate more quality content.

For their part, our SEM technicians are already complementing the search campaigns based on keywords with the new campaigns with maximum performance in Ads . Through automation, they allow you to increase conversions and value across all advertising channels using a single campaign.

Success is not a matter of luck and in SER o no SER we have it clear. We are prepared for any change, trend and novelty that arises, and always ready to adapt to it in the best possible way.

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