Digitalization – Why You Should Invest In Digitization Now


The digital transformation affects all companies worldwide. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are severely affected and find it difficult to catch up with the change. Nowadays, the digital transformation is leading to global changes. The focus is on the business and work processes in the company. In contrast to large corporations, medium-sized companies do not have extensive resources and must react quickly to survive in the market.

Five Convincing Reasons For Digitization:

Many Processes In The Company Can Be Simplified

In communication, purchasing, production and logistics, digitizing the processes in your company can have a very positive effect. With cloud-based solutions, your employees can work flexibly and regardless of location. This means that essential data can be viewed and edited from any device. Communication tools such as Microsoft Teams also offer a simple and optimal solution for your internal company communication.

Customer Service and Products Can Be Improved

Another advantage of digitization is the possibility to improve your service and your products to offer your customers added value over the long term. With modern applications, you can take better care of your customers, and you can also give your customers good support when using your products. You can also offer additional digital products in addition to your physical products to enhance your product portfolio. The possibilities are nearly unlimited!

Use Data For The Company

Nowadays, almost every company has its website, but many companies do not know how to evaluate visitor data and make decisions based on this data. With tools such as Google Analytics, this data can be evaluated and used positively for your company. For example, with a good analysis of the data, you can use visitor data for your online shop to make it more attractive for your customers and thus generate more sales.

Make Marketing More Effective And Cheaper

Would you like to place targeted and specific online advertising? Digitization helps you to evaluate your customer data to realize this project. Your advertising will only be shown to those people who are interested in your product or service. You can also count on an increase in the interaction with your advertising compared to traditional print media. In addition, your advertising costs will decrease as the advertising will take place in a more target group-oriented manner.

More Entrepreneurial Freedom Possible

Would you like more freedom in your entrepreneurial activity? Thanks to digitization, it is now possible, for example, through freely accessible platforms, to take over work steps yourself, especially if you are doing a freelance job. For example, you are a book author and want to organize the printing and marketing yourself without paying high fees to the publisher. This is no longer a problem!

Digitization – Objectives

  • More investments in digital technologies and qualification of employees
  • More cross-industry digitization processes
  • Improved digital business processes
  • More opportunities through digital business models
  • Strengthening competitiveness and innovation
  • Higher IT security
  • Strengthening companies in economically structurally weak regions

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