Augmented Reality Applied In Education

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality in education is already a fact, we can see how today it is used in many classrooms to improve how all kinds of knowledge are imparted to students. The tendency to use it as an educational tool will continue to grow as the positive results can be appreciated. In this article, we want you to know more about augmented reality in education.

Augmented Reality As a Guide

Augmented reality (AR), as we already defined in another of our blog articles, consists of the possibility of observing and interacting with a digital reality that is part of the real world. As we also mentioned, today, it has many applications in different fields or sectors, and in this case, we want to delve into the one that has to do with education.
Thanks to augmented reality, students can receive an innovative education that adapts to the new world we live in and takes advantage of the opportunities it offers us. It allows us to explore and learn about everything that surrounds us differently and interactively and provides fun and entertainment to learning.
With virtual images, 3d animations, music or different effects in a physical and natural environment, it is possible to create a different reality in front of your eyes. It is entirely new for the students, so they will have to investigate, try, discover… and all that goes beyond reading a book on any subject. So they will develop very beneficial cognitive abilities and skills for their growth and development.
One advantage of augmented reality is that a mobile device or tablet is enough today. In addition, more and more applications are being created (many of them free) to use AR. Specifically, in education, some applications are even specific to each subject.
On the other hand, this technology can be used both for students in the first courses and for older students since the content they receive can be perfectly adapted. In addition, it can also be used for different subjects interchangeably; whether they are arts or sciences, you can find a way to include it in the study plan.

What Does AR Bring To The Student?

Augmented reality in education causes motivation in students. Being something attractive that attracts attention and generates curiosity, students have a greater willingness and desire to learn.
It supposes that teamwork is carried out with the rest of the classmates. Teaching students to work as a team is very important since, for most of them, it will be part of their day-to-day life.
The student will participate during the lessons, so they will not only listen to the teacher’s explanations. You have to accompany and teach him from the beginning to use this tool and familiarize him with it.
Thanks to AR, a more significant amount of information is captured and retained and learned more easily. It is not the same as the different layers of the skin are explained to you only through words if you can see it directly and in full detail.

Examples of Uses of Augmented Reality In Education

As we have already mentioned, using this type of technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly common. Therefore, we present some examples to explain its usefulness. With these examples, you will see the diversity of options that it allows depending on the students’ level and the subject taught.

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