Benefits Of Teleworking As A Company And Worker


Teleworking is “work carried out from a place outside the company using telecommunication networks to comply with assigned workloads.”

The work carried out by online secretaries is virtual. That is, they telecommute. As we all know, with the pandemic, this working method has been applied in most companies. In many of them, to stay and combine it with attendance.

Until the pandemic and everything it has brought with it, we were unaware of the benefits of teleworking. You should know the benefits, especially if you want to start your profession as a virtual secretary.

It is essential to know that teleworking benefits not only the employee (in this case, the secretary) but also the company (in this case, the secretary works for).

Benefits For The Virtual Secretary

Teleworking as a virtual secretary, in addition to being an advantage in that the choice of location improves the quality of life and increases performance, but also: 

  • Savings in displacement, since using private or public transport is unnecessary. In the first case, it also helps to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Flexibility. It allows better management of time, both work and rest. 
  • Family and work reconciliation. 
  • Greater motivation. 
  • Improve productivity. 
  • It improves mental health as it reduces stress and anxiety. It is because the employee has more control over what he does.

Benefits Of Teleworking For The Company

In the case of virtual secretaries, teleworking is beneficial not only for them but also for the company that hires them. One of the main advantages is that the employee is happy and performs their work better, which improves productivity and leads to higher income. 

  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Social inclusion is promoted.
  • Happier and more satisfied workers.
  • Decrease in occupational accidents.

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