Buy Private Labels For Companies – Yes Or No?


How often have you thought buying private labels for companies was a good idea to get savings?

White marks are a good option as long as you make the right decision, but how do you get it right?

Perhaps we should start by clarifying some concepts of private labels.

Private labels increased a lot during the crisis years, but they are not “outlet products”. That is, they do not have minor bugs or errors.

Private labels are not bad or low-quality products either.

In most cases, they are good articles, they have a more plain packaging or the manufacturer wants to gain a more significant market share in some products.

Why Are Private Labels Cheaper Than Commercial Brands?

Private labels are cheaper because they do not invest heavily in advertising—either in innovation or development.

In these cases, companies agree to have less profitability to sell more volume.

They are more specific products with which the production costs are much lower.

Much larger productions are made with which the unit cost falls significantly, etc …

Being cheaper products does not imply that they are harmful products. Almost all the big commercial brands have put out their private labels.

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In Which Expense Items Should I Buy These Products?

The decision to buy private labels for companies should be a progressive change and choose the expense items in which to change.

The ideal is to always do it in products that are not strategic for the company.

A clear example is office supplies.

Do we need the best office supplies for all departments and all cases?

The answer is no. Most employees need simple and good quality stationery to carry out their work.

It is easy to understand if we need a notebook or a pen. We do not need a specific brand or design but paint correctly.

What Private Labels Should I Buy?

Private brands are no longer as they used to be when they could be lower quality products than the brand product.

Nowadays, manufacturers have significantly improved their quality.

They have improved it so much that they have already put their names on the private labels. Do you think they would if they weren’t sure of their quality?

The company that manufactures it usually appears on the label or packaging of the product. If we don’t know her, just put her name on the internet, and we will quickly find out who her main clients are or if she has an associated prestigious brand.

If it does not appear, we can also find out through the health registration number.

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