Checklist Of Free SEO Tools That You Should Know

SEO Tools

SEO positioning is the most complex digital marketing strategy to provide the most benefits. Still, it is also the cheapest to apply since many free SEO tools exist. Being explicit about the orientation of your strategy, it’s planning, and the resources you will need will be essential to success.

In this post, we propose a list of some of the most effective free SEO tools on the internet. You will discover the main functionalities of each of them to cover each of the areas of action.

Free SEO Tools To Research Keywords

Keyword research is the first stage of any SEO project you should understand, and it is one of the tasks for which we have the support of more free SEO tools.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool to generate ideas quickly. However, it has limitations, such as the lack of search volume data per keyword in absolute terms.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most favorite free SEO tools. It is used to compare the search trends over time, and by region, for up to 5 keywords simultaneously. This will help to identify which keywords will be more interesting around the general interest and in which periods of the year they will have more searches.


It is a free SEO tool to find and analyze keywords of all kinds. The main advantage is that it allows you to see the monthly searches and offers suggestions on similar keywords for your content.

It is a freemium option, useful but with limitations in its free version. It is a complete option if you purchase the premium version, which is relatively cheap.

On-Page SEO And Link-Building Tools

SEO On-Page and SEO-Off page constitute the basis of a project at a technical level, and many free SEO platforms exist.

Screaming Frog

It is a free SEO tool and a fundamental tool when carrying out an audit. It is software available for the leading operating systems, which allows you to track a website and generate complete reports on the status of your SEO On-Page.

Yoast SEO

It is one of the most used free SEO tools in WordPress to optimize the SEO of your website. This plugin allows you to target your content better, optimizing the readability and SEO of your texts and titles. In addition, it will help you integrate other functions, such as the prevention of SEO cannibalism, and enable a tab to share content on social networks.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

It is an extension for Chrome and Firefox, with which you will discover SEO metrics in real-time and directly in the browser. You will have a report about the page tags, several words, links, and much more.

Link Explorer

It is a tool specialized in indexing links and has unrestricted access that offers ten queries per month and 50 rows of information for each.

Open Link Profiler

It is a free SEO tool with which you can discover the backlinks that a domain presents.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

It is a tool that shows the first 100 backlinks of a domain and other data such as referring domains, domain, and URL Ranking.

Free SEO Optimization And Indexing Tools

A great job at the level of content and links is only helpful if we ensure that the web is optimized for loading times and usability and that the code is correctly indexed.

Google Search Console

It is one of the essential free SEO tools to check that your content is indexed in Google. If you detect that there are pages that are not indexed, you can make Google include them through this tool. GSC also serves to discover more about how the searches and traffic are generated by your website development.

Google Page Speed

It is a free SEO software with which you can discover precise data about the performance of a web page. You will find relevant information about the loading speed and what recommendations to execute to optimize it. Reducing the loading time will be positive for the experience of your users and your SEO.

Robots.txt Generator

It is a creator of robots.txt files with which to make more advanced and efficient use of the information and facilitate web crawling by search engines.

Chrome DevTools

It is a free SEO tool designed for Chrome, with which to debug a website by solving possible bugs and applying rendering performance improvements, among other functions.

Free SEO Tools For Web Analytics And Competition

Regarding web analytics and competitor research, the ideal is to have a fully paid version. However, there are free SEO tools that together can fill this gap.

Google Tag Manager

GTM is Google’s tag manager and is primarily for injecting “tags,” such as Google Analytics, into your HTML. Although more advanced users can develop other more complex SEO functions.

Google Analytics

GA is the most essential free SEO web analytics tool, and its primary function is to monitor everything that happens on your site at all times. You will discover reports of acquisition, behavior, audience, conversions, real-time, etc., with which to obtain a complete vision.


SEMrush has a very complete and well-known premium version. However, its free version can work on a website and obtain a good amount of essential data, although limited. You can also perform crucial audits with this system.


It is another excellent alternative, similar to SEMrush. Its free version mainly has some possibilities to analyze backlinks and referring domains.


Moz has numerous free SEO tools updated to the regular changes of the Google algorithm. You can analyze any domain name by discovering its most visited pages, the sites they link to, or the authority domain.


It is mainly used to compare the performance of your website with the competition in terms of traffic and position.

Google Data Studio

It enables the visualization and creation of SEO reports by integrating other sources such as Search Console and Analytics.

Buzz Sumo

It is an SEO tool with a free version that analyzes the articles and pages of a website that are most shared on RRSS. You will identify the content that generates the most engagement.

Apps for Local SEO

This set of free SEO tools will help you optimize the visibility of your business at a regional level.

Google MyBusiness

It is the local SEO tool par excellence and the best known. Optimizing your profile and reviews will allow you to gain quick and effective local visibility on search engines and Google Maps.

Google Review Link

With this application, you can enable a URL for your customers to leave a review about your business.

Local Search Results Checker

This free local SEO tool will help you determine where you rank from your desired location.

Local Pigeon – OpenSEPRS

Local Pigeon is integrated into the accessible version of OpenSEPRS and will allow you to discover the positions of your Google My Business quickly.

Mobile SEO Apps

We must recognize the importance of a responsive design and relevant positioning on mobile devices, which are increasingly used. 

ZEO Mobile First Index Checker

It is a free SEO tool with which you can check that the main elements of your website, in its desktop version, are correctly indexed on different mobile devices.

Mobile SERP Test by Mobile Moxie

With this application, you can check how the search results vary depending on the location and the device used.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

It is the best free SEO tool to check if your page meets the usability requirements on mobile devices.

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