DuckDuckGo Will Release A Desktop Browser


Many will be hearing the name DuckDuckGo for the first time. No shame, because in its industry, the first place is given to Google. And rock-solid because it’s about search engines. DuckDuckGo is one of them, but due to the market power of the pixel manufacturer, the level of awareness is not very high. The idea behind it is not bad because privacy is the top priority at DDG. For example, its search engine does not collect any personal information and does not discriminate when displaying the results for all users.

There is also a browser, but so far, only for smartphones. But for both Android devices and iPhones. Here, too, the focus is on privacy, including integrating a so-called fire button.

Some Details Are Still Missing.

DuckDuckGo wants to expand and now also bring out a browser for the desktop. This plan is fixed, but an exact date is still missing. In general, one can say that the release can be expected in the next year (2022). Both Windows and macOS are supplied (there are even tests here).

The great flood of information has not yet materialized, but a few facts are already unavoidable. For example, the desktop browser, like the other products, focuses on the user’s privacy. Among other things, this refers to the fact that the default settings are configured so that they protect privacy as best as possible. You only have to install the software and, in principle, do not make any further mouse clicks. This is only partially the case with other browsers, but you can, of course, also do this manually. The whole thing only refers to the default settings of DuckDuckGo, which put data protection above everything else from the start.

In addition to the standard options, what is also fixed is that the infamous Fire button (which is practically an unofficial feature) will also be part of the party. The mobile app has it too, and it’s there to close all tabs and clear all data (including history) with just one click. Users celebrate him, and that’s why there was never any doubt that he would be missing from the desktop version.

The engine also goes its way because Chromium is not used, but the operating system provides the substructure. A downside to this decision is that not all features are available immediately, or some will never make it to the desktop browser. The primary reason for this is to protect privacy. So it’s not a point of criticism, and you have to know it.

Success Remains To Be Seen

When the DuckDuckGo desktop browser is available for download, the user can expect a program for Internet access that offers a straightforward interface and is aimed entirely at data protection. You don’t have to make any changes after installing so that privacy takes the first place. Nevertheless, the browser will not have it easy because Google Chrome, in particular, is a force in this category. But Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera should not be underestimated either. It is difficult to predict at this point, but answers will be specific in time.

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