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Eduuolvera is a website which is popular for collection of various types of Apps and games that are free to download. We can download apps in the form of APK from this Normally we will download apps and games from Google play or app store but some apps are restricted and not available in playstore. For all those apps and APK file Eduuolvera website has became a hub.

Today in this article let us discuss completely about the Eduuolvera and its features. We will also tell you which types of applications it provides and some of the best alternatives to this platform.

What Is Eduuolvera?

Simply we can say Eduuolvera is a collection of apps of different categories like education, games, kids, music etc. at first Eduu olvera had started its services through a youtube channel. After that the administrators had launched a website called and started providing their services to their users through this website.

Some of The Top Unique Features of Eduuolvera are:

  • Latest Applications with updates.
  • User Generated Content is available on this platform.
  • There is also a premium membership.
  • Trending Insights.
  • App Reviews and App ratings.
  • Comprehensive Application Profiles
  • App Recommendations.
  • We can have Ad-Free Browsing.
  • Advanced Search Filters.
  • Customer Support Is Available.
  • Safe And Secure.
  • Easy To Use Interface.

Applications That Are Available On Eduuolvera

Best is the list of some applications that we can download from the website and use them for our personal purposes.

  • Solve Exercises – Photomath
  • Animated Lock
  • Cool Lock
  • Noti Voice
  • Launcher 17
  • Nokia Launcher
  • My Control Center
  • GB Wallpaper
  • Pretty Keyboard
  • Water Background
  • New WhatsApp Features
  • YouTube 2023
  • Wallpaper HD
  • Color Keyboard
  • Pro Photo
  • Animated Bar
  • Zoom Launcher
  • Pika Island
  • Dynamic Notification
  • WhatsApp Background
  • LED icons
  • Mega Zoom
  • Real Effect
  • Moses
  • DinoProfessions
  • Neo Launcher
  • Battery with Sound

Alternatives To

Below are some of the best and Top most alternative and similar websites to Eduuolvera. You can also have a look at them.


Pros and Cons Of

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this application downloading platform


  1. Free to use
  2. Variety of applications
  3. Instant Download


  • Apps are not verified by Google.
  • The APK files may contain Malware and viruses which may harm your device.
  • There is no option for automatic update of apps.


Thus Eduuolvera helps its users with various kinds of apps. Sometimes people cannot download some applications from google play store due to some restrictions, so this platform will make it easy for those people to download a wide range of variety apps and use them. will also provide its services through application. You can download the APK file from the website itself and use it from the mobile phone. Here we can download only android applications for android devices for iOS we cannot download the applications.

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