The Importance Of Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Google Reviews, The Word Of Mouth Of The 21st Century

Google my business is a rating tool that Google incorporated many years ago. This tool uses user comments and ratings to “rank” your business, products, and services. This is what we call ‘Google reviews.

Google reviews are critical as they are vital to the user’s decision and help the business improve its service.

Positive Or Negative Reviews

There is great controversy regarding the type of reviews and the attention that should be paid to them. A good starting point is to accept that both positive and negative reviews are good for our business as it means interaction and activity. On the other hand, having positive and negative reviews adds credibility and humanizes the company.

This does not mean that you should ignore them. On the contrary, more time should be spent on these reviews since, as a general rule, they are a bit abandoned. To deal with these reviews and that they contribute something to your company, we show you 12 tips to respond to them.

Tips For Dealing With Negative Reviews


You can mark this post as inappropriate or report it. We refer to the publications that discuss the weather or topics removed from our work. It is important to note that these reports do not guarantee the removal of the review, so it is worth spending more time to get good reviews.


There is nothing better than responding quickly to reviews, whatever their type. This will make the customer feel valued.


Understanding the customer’s discomfort is essential to a good response. Although sometimes it is very complicated, putting yourself in the client’s shoes will help us respond without accusations, belittling, or confrontation. It is essential to say thank you, even if the comment is unpleasant. It shows that you value the time they spend writing to you. Think that when you answer, it is not only for the client but all the users who come later.


The client is not always right, but if we have made a mistake or apologized, it happens to everyone. He takes responsibility and explains that he has failed. That says a lot about your company and your concern for the client. The solution offered is both for the current client and future clients, who will feel calm knowing that if they have any problem, you will offer a solution.

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