Fast And Secure Internet Network In The Office


Having a secure internet network is of great importance for every business. It doesn’t matter whether the company is small or big. Therefore, the development of such a network is planned well. During the preparation period, much work and rethinking are put into creating such a network. In this way, the structure can be carried out optimally.

The network must be built securely. This means that outsiders have no access. This is essential, especially for sensitive data. No company wants their customer data or latest projects to fall into the wrong hands. But that is exactly what happens when the Internet network in an office is not set up properly.

So What Does a Secure Network Structure Include?

Successful network cabling in the office building is not the only part of setting up a network, and it is much more important that there is a secure firewall. In addition, a DNS server and the WLAN must be set up. In addition, one should not forget to set up a backup system so that no data is lost in the event of a failure, for example.

How Should The Secure And Fast Network Be Set Up?

The network must be sufficiently secure. Of course, a simple structure is also possible, but the safety measures must not be dispensed with. So it’s good if they keep it simple and include safety precautions.

A good thing about setting up a network is that not everyone in the office can access everything. Sensitive data should only be accessible to those workers who need to work with it or should be aware of the current status. To be able to implement this, you can work with user groups. For example, all employees in a department with the same tasks belong to user group one. These employees can see the important data they need to work in their department. Employees in user group two will then be unable to view this data. Another possibility is the use of authorization levels. All department heads then belong to one authorization level, for example.

If companies also want to give their customers and guests WLAN access, there should be guest access to the WLAN for these cases. Then the normal WLAN of the employees remains secure, and the service can still be granted to customers.

This Should Also Be Taken Into Account When Setting Up An Office Network.

If the aspects listed above have been integrated into the setup of a company network, then there is already a certain level of security. Other factors can also contribute to safety, and these safety precautions are now explained in more detail.

When connecting a wide variety of PCs, laptops, Macbooks or even smartphones, ensure that all devices are up to date. All computers should have the latest operating system version, which is also the safest version in most cases.

The same applies to the programs that are used on the devices. When a new update becomes available, that update should also be launched. The schedule can be updated automatically so that not all employees are constantly busy installing the latest versions of their programs.

Another aspect is installing antivirus programs. A good program should not be left out, even if it costs money. The costs caused when employees have a virus on their computers will be significantly higher. So the company is on the safe side. Unusual computer activities can also be tracked more easily if each device has its IP. If a virus attack does occur, the damaged computer can be identified more quickly, and worse can be prevented.

Regular network security training gives your employees a feel for unusual network activity. So you can identify this yourself if there are problems.

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