You know the saying – iron needs to be hot. It is also beneficial to think about the marketing strategy at the beginning of the year. We’ve put together some hot tips to help you kick-start your digital marketing in 2022.

How About Digital Campaigns in The New Year?

Be Trendy on Social Media.

It’s no secret that customers have a closer relationship with the brand if they communicate with them regularly. In a 2021 HubSpot survey of more than 1,000 marketers worldwide, as many as 85% rated short videos as the most effective type of content on social media. And this trend is constantly growing.

Reels Rolls Instagram, But TikTok Can Also Help You.

If you are already active on Instagram, don’t forget to think about whether the currently younger (and gradually aging) age category on TikTok will not be a valuable target group for you in a few years. Trends are increasing daily on both social networks; creators often flip content. So if you decide to embark on filmstrips, throw an eye on TikTok and jump on-trend waves like us.

Here Are A Few Tips For Analysts As Well.

Do you manage digital campaigns on your own? With handy tips, you’ll get even better ad results in 2022. We don’t even have to talk about Google processing more than 3.5 billion searches a day, so 85% of users use Google more than three times a day. Search traffic coming from mobile devices is on the rise. If you do not want to lose valuable customers, having a responsive website is simply a “must-have.”

Fragment Your Digital Campaigns In Google Search

Breaking down campaigns into multiple ad sets and tailoring your ad to individual keywords is essential in terms of Quality Score. This metric compares your ad to that of other advertisers. Your impression share will increase as you tailor your ads to particular keywords, and your ad will show more often. Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times, but it is best to see a hundred times.

Generate Website Traffic Even More Efficiently

In our traffic-generating campaigns, we’ve optimized for soft conversions. These soft conversions must be simple and sufficient. A smooth modification can be fulfilling a certain quality of the visit (average length of the stay, number of pages viewed per visit), scroll depth, click on a crucial subpage, etc. The cost-per-click doesn’t go up so sharply with such a conversion campaign, and the system automatically looks for better users. You can test audiences of different sizes, and the larger ones work best for us, where the algorithm has enough space to find the right users.

The Most Potent Weapon Has Been, is, And Always Will Be Authenticity.

It sounds simple, but we can easily slip into a current trend that may not be authentic for the brand. For example, many brands have recently begun to communicate their products responsibly to our planet. It fits somewhere, but it is pretty apparent that it is “only” a trend wave on which as many brands want to deploy. Keep in mind that your customers will feel that they don’t fit your brand if you start communicating messages out of nowhere. Therefore, stay yourself and stick to the DNA of your brand when speaking.

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