How Not To Waste Your Time?


It is said that time is the most valuable capital we have. In that case, it must be used as efficiently as possible.

What Exactly Is Time?

The physical definition says that time expresses the interval between two events or the duration of an event. In reality, however, we perceive it distorted. We know two types of time. Physical and emotional. According to the physical, the minute has 60 seconds, the hour 60 minutes, and runs evenly. However, emotional time depends on our attitude to how we use it. An hour may seem like an eternity if a person is bored, such as men shopping. On the contrary, during fun activities, everything seems to go faster.

Make A List

Please don’t start the day without making a list of things you want to do that day and take it with you everywhere. This allowed you to be more relaxed throughout the day and focused on specific activities instead of thinking about what you still wanted to do. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it because this will teach you how to anticipate unpredictable delays and plan realistically. Thanks to your plan, you will also notice how many things you can solve in one day, which of your activities bring results and which you do not. Deleting a completed job from the list motivates you, and at the end of the day, you have an overview of everything you managed to do.

Determine Your Priorities

The so-called Pareto rule is 80 to 20, which says that 20% of inputs bring 80% of outputs. What is the most important thing that will get you the most results in a day? What are the little things that will not move you anywhere and delay you unnecessarily? Do the hardest thing first and then easier. Even the most complex work can be divided into smaller units, which are not as difficult to do as trying to do everything simultaneously. After completing this difficult one, you will be left with only simple activities, and the feeling of winning when deleting important tasks is priceless.

Before each call:

  • Take five minutes to determine what you want to achieve. You will learn to set realistic goals.
  • After the call, allow another 5 minutes to analyze whether you have completed the desired result.
  • If not, think about what you did wrong and how to avoid it next time.

Avoid Castration

One is always able to find some small activity to avoid duties. A Duke University study says that up to 40% of our decisions every day are based on habits and routine. Eliminate time-wasting habits and replace them with those that move you forward. There are things you know you can’t avoid. The difference is whether you spend 15 minutes on Facebook and another ten emails before that, or you will have 25 minutes more to complete the task. The best time to meet one of the points of your plan is now. The hardest part is to start. After the first step, you immerse yourself in work so much that you don’t even think to put it off until later. Remember that making a mistake at work is always better than never doing that work.


There is no way to make each individual’s time management more efficient. However, the link between a responsible approach to your responsibilities and success is inescapable. The key is to choose from the offered tips that suit you best and incorporate them into your daily life. Your approach can’t be changed from hour to hour, and you have to follow small steps. Start planning your days first, later you can move on to long-term planning. Try to eliminate the little things you waste your time on gradually. Throughout the week, spend a few minutes analyzing what you’ve set for a given week and whether you’ve reached your goal. You won’t even think of it, and you will soon have a healthy, special approach to achieving your goal.

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