How To Write The Perfect Job Offer


Attract, draw attention and be effective. These are the basic principles that a job offer must meet. The objective is to capture the talent of the best candidates for the company and the position offered. Therefore, before launching to write, we must have a very well-defined place that we are offering and the specific profile of the applicant that we are looking for.

With clear ideas, it is time to start writing. We first have to think about TITLE, the great seducer in a job offer. It should be as concise as possible and contain the keywords that the candidates will enter in the search. The second essential element is the INTRODUCTION, a summary, no more than a paragraph, about the job and its highlights.

Describing the RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE POSITION, the main tasks to be carried out, and the objective we want to achieve with each of them is the next step. We must not saturate our target audience with information. The idea is to list no more than ten functions and that each one does not exceed two lines.

Describing the PROFILE we are looking for is another key to our message. In this section, the training or degree of experience required must be reflected, the skills necessary for the position, and something significant if we want to have quality applicants in our selection of talent, the skills considered “highly valued” by the company, such as emotional skills to fit into the company culture.

To attract and capture talent, you have to seduce, which is achieved with CONDITIONS AND BENEFITS. In a job offer, not only can you ask, but you also have to offer rewards so that those interested have a motivation that drives them to want to enter the selection process. Not only is the economic aspect important, but also continuous training, flexible hours, conciliation, professional opportunities, etc.

Once the job is defined, the COMPANY will come into play. We will offer a brief description of its activities and most notable aspects, always relating it to the position shown. Finally, we must not forget to include the necessary information so that the interested parties know the phases of the process, the registration deadline, and can carry out their application. Allowing the inclusion of a small cover letter to be included will enable us to understand the ideal candidate better.

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