How Social Networks Will Help You With Sales In The B2B Segment

Social Networks in b2b

There are simple ways to directly or indirectly boost your business and get the most out of the social media space it offers.


It is necessary to clarify the goals that you want to achieve on social networks. Is your primary goal sales? Brand building? Or both? Based on the goals, you can set up campaigns better and define the activities you will carry out.
When working with social networks, remember that you need to work with them more subtly and not just take them as a hard-sell tool. In addition to campaigns, content published in feeds is no less important. Community building should be your main focus here. What is important here is not the number of fans and followers that shines in your profile but rather the quality of the content and the level of interaction you can stimulate. Work to ensure the viewer has a positive interaction and experience with the brand because a returning customer is always cheaper than the effort to acquire a new one.
Remember to carefully segment your target group so you know who and where to target your advertising on social media.

Test, Optimize And Adapt.

Feel free to test. Testing is the best way to improve the performance of your social media campaigns. You can test texts in advertisements, graphics, campaign targeting, or the focus of campaigns.
With testing, you can gradually find out what works and what to avoid in the future. The worst thing you can do is turn on campaigns and let them run their own lives.

Choose The Right Platforms.

The marketing department often desires to have a brand presence on every existing social network. Logic says the more, the better. However, this strategy only works if you can produce enough quality and unique content for each social network. The marketing budget only sometimes allows for this, so strategically choose only a few social networks and devote yourself to them.
The choice should be conditioned by the nature of the brand or product/service and the presence of the target group. Feel free to experiment with non-traditional advertising platforms that are currently very popular. For example, the new star among social networks Tik Tok or, conversely, a constant in our smartphones, Messenger. However, do not forget to choose a suitable, ideally native form of advertising not to evoke the opposite emotion.

Make It Easy For People To Buy

Make it easy for people to access your products and information about your services. For example, you can tag products in posts or upload them from your e-shop to Facebook and Instagram, making it easier for people to find the products you offer.

What The Eye Cannot See, The Customer Will Not Buy

Social networks are undoubtedly one of the most popular advertising channels today. This is also related to the enormous number of advertisers and their content, which is increasing daily. To avoid getting lost in this mess, it’s important to step out of the line of just generic posts. If you don’t have unique content, impress with the form. Focus on beautiful visuals, dynamic videos, your own production or creative formats.
Facebook even has shopping right in the interface between Instagram and Facebook. You will no longer have to click on the order in the eshop, but you will create and pay for it directly on social networks.

Remember To Consider The B2B Target Audience.

Many believe there are more suitable tools for the B2B sphere than social networks. But the opposite is true; think about where your potential clients are. Is your industry, for example, IT or banking? Managers from this field are active on LinkedIn daily. Do you offer goods for operations in the beauty segment? You can most likely find their owners on Instagram. Whoever your product is aimed at, these people almost certainly have Facebook, and with advanced targeting options, you can easily reach them with your advertising message.


More than 95% of web visitors wait to place an order or inquiry. Therefore, use remarketing. With the help of remarketing campaigns, you can target people who have been on your website, and thus, you can remind them through banners of specific products that they viewed in the shop.

Be authentic

The era of ossified statuses, photos from the photo bank and answers like “We will check your suggestion” is long behind us. Today, people expect authenticity from a brand. Pay enough attention to content creation. Show your product or service in a natural light. Do you sell sneakers? Instead of a photo on a white background, take them on real people. Are you carpeting? Instead of a post with a big banner on the left, show before and after photos of using your services. Do you sell organic meat? Please make a video of how juicy steak people can make from it. Be authentic in customer service as well. Pay individual attention to each challenge and resolve it transparently.

Consistency – Take Care Of It

Social media marketing requires a lot of patience, determination and persistence. Don’t expect miracles overnight if you don’t plan to sponsor posts with 500 euros per post. Success will come if you are consistent in your communication and also take into account quality customer service. People will then quickly get used to interacting with your brand on social networks comfortably and assuming a positive experience; they will be happy to share it with their friends. If you don’t give up too quickly, the numbers in your stats will gradually grow upwards.

Save Time

Nowadays, many things and actions can be automated. Social networks are no exception. For example, on Facebook or Instagram, you don’t have to create posts and graphics for each product separately, but you can use feed automation. Thanks to them, you can import products from your e-shop to the aforementioned social networks, which will be automatically updated in campaigns based on availability in the shop.
You can also use various tools that will save you work hours on social networks. You can use it more effectively elsewhere. Among the tools we recommend are, for example, Boosterberg for automating the boosting of posts on Facebook and Instagram or Zoomsphere, which relieves you of the burden of planning and publishing posts and also simplifies community management or monitoring brand mentions.

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