How To Achieve Effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Although virtual meetings were held before the pandemic, they increased with the crisis. And since then, they have continued to be implemented in companies. Especially in those where teleworking remains. They are a type of meeting that facilitates communication and does not require transfers, which often represent a significant loss of time.

Even though many are already familiar with digitization, many companies still make ‘newbie’ mistakes. For this reason, and with the aim that your company improves this type of meeting, we will give you some tips.

Tips To Improve Virtual Meetings

The main and basic mistake of virtual meetings has to do with the elements. Firstly, the camera, and secondly, the connectivity. 

It is important to test the camera beforehand and see that it focuses on the person. In addition, at the beginning of the meeting, you must accept that the camera works. The rest of the participants may think that something is hidden so as not to turn on the camera, and it doesn’t look good. Therefore, you always have to ensure the camera is working, turned on, and focused correctly. 

The same goes for the microphone. It is one of the fundamental tools for establishing a conversation. Check that it works and that the sound is good (no echo, distance, etc.). As for the connection, situate yourself in places where the Wi-Fi is good so that everyone can listen to you without cuts. 

Planning. As in all meetings, you have to plan how it will develop. That is, the topics that will be discussed, the order, the tools that will be used, such as presentations, etc. 

Take care of the personal presentation. Even if it is a virtual meeting, you have to give a good image. Aesthetics are important. You cannot go to a meeting of this type in your pajamas or disheveled. Along these same lines, taking care of the background is important. This means that you cannot be lying on the sofa or in bed, watching television, among other things. You have to find a suitable place, a desk, a table in any room, etc. Make sure there is good lighting and that the sound is good. 

Another aspect that must be taken care of is punctuality. To do this, you must prepare the computer and connect in advance. Be sure to connect at the exact time of the meeting. This way, you guarantee that in case of any problem, you have time to solve the problem and not start the meeting late. It is necessary to adjust as much as possible to the established times. Both to start and to finish. 

You also have to take care of the files and everything that the rest of the people can see. For example, sharing the screen and being more visual when dealing with a topic are common. You must make sure that your desktop is clean. You are not having open pages, notes, inappropriate images, etc. 

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