How To Choose ERP In 2022


For more than 30 years, ERP software has been widely distributed within companies. These management software, also called ERP, are constantly evolving to integrate new functionalities and support companies in their digital transformation.

On the basis of important innovations which will continue over the long term, the choice of a new ERP software is based on several criteria and in particular a close relationship between the user and the publisher.

Here are some fundamental criteria for implementing a new ERP in 2020.

Respond To New Business Games

Choosing ERP software 2021 will make it possible to respond to new business challenges. The 2021 ERP software ll have to manage an increasing amount of data coming from heterogeneous sources.
In addition, it will have to take into account aspects related to the IoT, which plays a key role in certain operational processes and which positions itself as a receiver of data. The challenge is also to be able to link this ERP to different applications to obtain more operational benefits.
Finally, the integration of artificial intelligence remains essential to collect as much information as possible and to be a force for proposals in certain tasks.

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Take The Turn of SaaS and The Cloud

Historically based on the sale of an operating license, ERP is now based on a rental model. Rather than leaving to the company a load of supporting the structure of the ERP, the solution of hosting on a private or public cloud is today a good orientation. In addition, the cloud is a secure solution thanks to very strict regulations.

Play The Mobility Card

New working methods are evolving and require nomadic access to the information delivered by the ERP. Accessibility to its information must be fast and flawless. This development offers a double gain to the company.

First of all, saving space with the use of a smartphone or tablet rather than a laptop. Then a saving of time, allowing work outside the walls of the company. This use of the software in mobile environments allows new benefits for the company.

An Increasingly Important Role For Collaboration

In recent years, ERP software has evolved to facilitate collaborative work. It now incorporates features that allow interaction with the customer, partners, or employees. In doing so, a large volume of information is collected to be processed, analyzed, and returned. The emergence and establishment of a collaborative network will promote teamwork and boost the productivity of the entire company.

A Close Relationship With Publishers

Choosing your ERP in 2021 requires having a solution adapted to the type of business and its mode of operation. Today, it is essential to have a close relationship with the publisher of the selected software. Thus, it will be possible to personalize the offer to offer settings adapted to the company’s expectations.

To choose its new ERP software in 2021, the company must therefore rethink its historical approach and focus on innovation. A cloud approach, mobile access, a collaborative system, ERP software becomes a real productivity tool for the company.

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