How To Connect A Smart TV To The Internet

Smart TV

The way we use television has changed radically. Today, we want to choose, and smart televisions allow us to watch our favorite streaming and video platforms whenever we want and even install apps for Smart TV.

That yes, these are not like before, when you only had to plug in the power and an antenna… They also need to remain connected to the network to be able to use their most interesting functions, that’s why we teach you how to configure the Internet on a Smart TV.

How To Connect A Smart TV To Wifi

If you have a relatively recent Smart TV, it will most likely include wifi connectivity with which you can connect it to the Internet. The way to do it changes depending on the television model, but they all follow more or less the same system : 

  • Enter the options menu of your Smart TV. The basic sections of sound, image, etc., will appear there. One must be called ‘Network’, ‘Internet’ or similar. 
  • When you enter the ‘Network’ menu, new options will appear that will also differ depending on the model. Surely you can check the status of the network, change the name of the TV… There will also appear an option ‘Network settings’, ‘Connect to a wifi’.  
  • When you choose it, a screen will appear with the wireless networks that the television captures. Select yours with the remote control and write the password using the menu with letters and numbers that appear. 

Connect Samsung TV To Wifi 

To connect a Samsung Smart TV to wifi, you must specifically follow these steps: 

  • Turn on your television, press the home button on the remote and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Network’ > ‘Open network settings’ > ‘Wireless’ 
  • Select your wifi network from the list that appears 
  • Enter your network password 
  • Your Samsung Smart TV will be connected to the Internet, and you will be able to use all its functions. 

How To Connect An LG TV To Wifi 

If you want to connect your LG Smart TV to wifi, the steps are very similar: 

  • Press the home button on your controller and go to the Settings > Network Connections section 
  • Click on the ‘Start connection’ option. 
  • Select your network from the list that appears and enter the password 
  • Once the configuration is finished, your LG TV will remain connected to your wifi wirelessly. 

How To Configure The Internet On A Smart TV Using A Network Cable 

Apart from connecting a Smart TV to wifi, it is possible to connect it using an ethernet network cable or LAN cable. 

Setting up the Internet on a Smart TV via network cable has two important advantages : 

  • Higher connection speed 
  • The network cable connection is automatic in the majority of Smart TVs. In this way, you connect one side of the cable to a free network port on your modem and the other to the television. When you turn it on, it detects that it is connected by cable and accesses the Internet.  

Maybe if you try to navigate too fast after turning it on, you may get a message that it is still connecting. But you will only have to wait, and it is the easiest way to configure the Internet on a Smart TV because you do not have to do anything once you plug in the cable. 

How To Connect a Television To The Internet Even If It Is Not A Smart TV 

Your television may be a bit old, you may not have wifi, or your router may be too far away to connect via cable. In those cases, don’t despair. You can access the Internet by connecting it to a smart device that does have wifi. 

The most popular and most recommended alternatives are: 

  • chrome cast 
  • FireTV 
  • Android TV Box 
  • Apple TV 4K 


Chromecast is Google’s alternative to connect any TV to the Internet. 

This device allows us to connect our television with the rest of our devices, such as mobile phones, computers or tablets, and send content from them by simply pressing a button on the screen. 

To use it, connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port and, in turn to the USB port of the TV (if it has one) or to the electrical network (using an included transformer) to supply power to the device, connect it to the wifi network of our home and start sending content from our devices. 

With it, you can watch whatever you want, such as YouTube videos and series from apps like Netflix or Disney+, listen to music with Spotify or view your photos with Google Photos. If you want to know more, some time ago, we taught you how to set up a Chromecast. 

The most basic Chromecast, but one that has everything you need, is worth less than €30 on Amazon. 

Fire Tv Stick 

The other alternative we recommend the most, for its quality price, is the Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

You can do the same with a Smart TV, accessing many applications, including the most popular video and music playback platforms and even some games. 

In addition, Fire TV is capable of integrating with Alexa, and you can control your TV with your voice and from other devices. Learn more about the best Alexa commands. 

The Fire TV Stick Lite (€29.99) and Fire TV Stick (€39.99) are great for connecting your television to the Internet and enjoying all its possibilities, including a practical remote control for super intuitive control. 

Android Tv-Box 

Another option is to use an Android TV box. It is a small box that works like a mini Android computer. You connect it to the television, and, with the remote it comes with, you can also connect it to your wifi, navigate through its options and applications menus and watch what you want, or even play on TV.  

The advantage is that you do not need to control it from another device, but you can do everything directly with the included remote. 

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