How To Improve The Wifi Signal


Many people ask how to improve the wifi signal. When the Internet is down, we generally assume that it is a problem with the service company. That is why, in the first place, we call and claim to solve the fault.

However, once a technician has determined no such problem exists, the next step is to evaluate the connections and equipment used in the home or office.

For these cases, in particular, it is necessary to look for how to improve the wifi signal since it will solve the problem. Generally, it can be due to a modem or router that needs to be replaced or repaired. But, in other cases, it requires a rearrangement in terms of the location of the equipment that emits the signal concerning the equipment that are receivers.

Several factors can directly influence and interfere with the speed of the internet connection. Here are some tips on how to improve your wifi signal. They are suggestions that can be applied at any time.

The Location of The Router

The first answer to how to improve the wifi signal involves considering the location of this device. The router is the first device that should be checked during the installation review. In general, it is a problem associated with its location, which is not the most appropriate given the characteristics of the space or the room where it is located. 

A good example is those cases where, for different reasons, it is installed inside a closet, cabinet, or shelf. Any wall, door, or piece of furniture can prevent the signal from being broadcast without interruptions. these interruptions can be stopped by using VPNs like bestvpn.

What Is The Best Way To Locate The Router?

As a general rule, it is best to locate this free device. The coverage of the signal depends on its location, which must be centralized and coincide with a midpoint. Preferably close to where the computers, televisions or mobiles are installed from where the internet service will be used. 

The signal sent by the router can face serious problems penetrating walls or very thick walls. Precisely, materials such as metal and wood are the ones that limit the signal most effectively by acting as a barrier. 

Router Antennas 

We continue to answer the question about how to improve the wifi signal. Getting how to improve the wifi signal also depends on how we are using the router. Also, not all routers are the same, and neither is how their antennas send the signal.

The strength of the signal depends largely on how these are arranged. They work as dipoles, which means that one is responsible for sending the signal as far as possible if one is positioned horizontally and the other horizontally.

Router models that have multiple antennas must alternate their positions between them. This is done to maximize the signal by using to your advantage the polarity of the antenna with the equipment to which it is connected. It is recommended to try different settings to find the one that works best.

Therefore, it is best to have a multi-antenna device. Also, move it to locate the best position. It is worth knowing the places where the router signal is best captured.

Analyze Channel Saturation 

This should be done if you have a router model that cannot effectively analyze the channels in the environment by itself. There is an app called wifi Analyzer that can do the analysis process and other similar apps that can also be tested.

The purpose is to improve the channel for wifi, for example, between 2.401 and 2.483 MHz. If there is saturation and interference in the connection signal, the channel must be changed manually from the router’s control panel. It is generally recommended to use the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels, the latter having the least interference.

Therefore, another answer to improving the wifi signal is not to place the router where many signals are crossing each other. If this happens, you may be suffering from channel clipping.

Firmware Update

In certain cases, what is needed is to update the router software. It is called firmware, and it is usually done automatically but not in all cases. It is usually done to also correct and improve the security of the connection. This firmware is like a controller that makes the device work properly. Every so often, an update appears about it.

The routers do not have this programmed function. That is, they must be updated manually. To do this, you must access the control panel and select “Firmware update” or “Software update.” The idea is to download the latest version that is compatible with the device. This is done directly from the official website of the router manufacturer.

Use a Repeater

We now give the last advice on how to improve the wifi signal. Repeaters are more common in spaces where there are multiple barriers due to walls and doors. 

A repeater is used in spaces that cannot be modified and require another solution to increase and guarantee connectivity. The function of repeaters is to expand and “forward” the signal to reach all the ends and equipment. 

A repeater is an intermediary between the router and VPN like securicritic and the equipment where you want to send the signal. This is usually used when you are far from the router and with many barriers that prevent the signal from flowing. Also, a PLC is used similar to a plug that connects to the electrical network.

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