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If we agree on something about Instagram, it is no longer a photo-sharing app. Over the years, this social network has adapted to current trends. First, focused on photography and then on all kinds of images with a growing video presence. It is one of the most used social networks today and a powerful tool to sell more on the internet.

Recently, the Director of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has expressed that the app is in the process of evolution. The purpose is to focus on other growth areas such as content creators, shopping, and messaging.

We can expect the new lynchpin of Instagram to be video content. According to Mosseri, there will be new ways to interact with full-screen, immersive, entertaining, and mobile-first videos.

But let’s go to what interests us: how are we going to be able to sell more on the internet? Is Instagram going to help us? The answer is yes! Or at least we hope so. Instagram is already testing a new way to integrate links in their stories.

Links To Everyone on Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the most used products since it offers a more dynamic channel to share images, publications, or videos. And what makes it more interesting: it presents the opportunity to better connect with users from swipe up.

Swipe up allows users to reach the page they want simply by sliding the screen up. Brands can thus improve traffic to their websites and boost engagement with their followers.

A great way to link your business website on Instagram and be able to sell more on the internet, right? The problem is that, until now, this tool was only available to accounts with at least 10,000 followers, making it inaccessible to the general community.

However, Instagram is already testing some followers to include the links in the stories through a sticker. It would be among those that we can see in this image. We can only say that we hope it arrives as soon as possible!

Other News From Instagram

Paid Instagram Stories

Instagram is exploring a new subscription model. How? The application is preparing stories only for paid subscribers as you hear it. The most active users and content creators would have the possibility to create exclusive stories that could only be seen by followers who paid a subscription.

Instagram Can Check If An Account Has Been Hacked.

Lately, there have been many profiles that are suffering from this problem. For this reason, Instagram has implemented a quick security check for users whose accounts on the social network may have been hacked. They will have to follow a series of steps that will guarantee the privacy and security of their account.

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