Keys To Make Your Advertising On Instagram More Attractive


The number of Instagram users does not stop growing every day worldwide. For this reason, advertising on Instagram has managed to position itself as one of the most interesting options for brands in the digital field.

The advertising on Instagram will be very interesting for those brands that focus their target audience in this social network. Therefore, it is necessary that you first know your audience and determine which channels and formats are the most interesting to address them. Instagram reinvents itself every year, so you are sure to find the ideal format for each segment of your audience.

Image Ads

The most classic format to create an ad on Instagram is the still image + description text. It is often thought to be attractive. Our advertising must always be very dynamic. But nothing is further from the truth. Many times the simplest formats are the ones that most attract the interest of our audience.

If you are going to add text inside your image, make sure it meets the optimal proportion indicated by Facebook. Don’t forget to add an engaging call to action that draws the user’s attention. Converting the reach of your ad in clicks to your website, sales or interaction with your profile is what will measure the success of a good campaign.

This format is very useful to attract the public to your profile and get followers through the content. With this, you will achieve a stronger social community willing to interact with you in the future. On the other hand, the length of the text that accompanies the image will depend on your specific objective and your brand image. There is no rule that the shorter, the better or vice versa.

Video Ads

Instagram allows you to use videos in your ads of up to 60 seconds. For this reason, you must adapt your video to the required time and size format since otherwise, you will not be able to advertise it. Make sure to tell the most important thing in the first few seconds, as most of the people who will reach the ad will not consume 25% of the video.

It is very useful for demonstrations of products and services, storytelling, or telling something difficult to synthesize in images. It is considered the format that generates the most memory, so it is very interesting to use it for brand recognition purposes. It is also very interesting to form personalized audiences that you can use later in other campaigns.

Ads on Instagram Story

It is a very visual format that is gaining more and more followers. They capture a lot of the attention of our users, so the optimization of our investment is greater. You can upload both videos, up to 15 seconds, and photos. Being a format that is consumed instantly, your message and image should be more impressive.

Here it will be more important to play with colors and creativity in arranging the different elements of the image. It is recommended that you add the call to action yourself since the one included in the Instagram application itself (at the bottom) is quite discreet and will often go unnoticed.

And these are just some of the keys that you should consider. Remember that each format of your advertising on Instagram will have different characteristics and, therefore, different needs. Start from now on to take off in the digital market and have the best digital marketing professionals to help you in this task.

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