How To Use Dark Mode in WhatsApp and Telegram


The dark mode is already a reality in virtually all operating systems that exist today. An example is those of mobile phones on the market. Therefore, using color applications is quite positive for many, which makes them maintain uniformity in what they see on the screen.

Using dark colors when navigating the different sections of the operating system or the most used apps has some benefits in terms of display. The most obvious is that when using a high contrast concerning the Light that falls on the screen, it is much more relaxed to see everything with blacks or dark grays instead of predominant whites. In addition, the differential touch that this implies for many is the most striking.

Use Dark Mode on Telegram and WhatsApp

Suppose you are one of those who constantly use these messaging applications, and you are not sure how to use dark mode with them. In that case, we leave you the steps you have to take in each one to get the interface to display in dark colors (And, if you use the operating system in this way, make sure nothing is out of tune on your phone or tablet). This is what you have to do:

What you Should do on Telegram

We now tell you what you have to do to use the dark Theme in this application that is possibly among the three best that you can find in the market in everything that has to do with messaging. Is the next:

  • Access the Telegram application as you normally do and look for the section that allows you to access the Telegram Settings.
  • Now you have to enter the Chats section and, here, in Theme, you must choose the option that best suits what you need. In this case, it can be both Dark and Night. Try and stay with the option that you like the most.
  • In the lower area, do not forget to activate the slider called Automatic night mode so that everything works correctly.
  • Done this, you will be done.

Steps to Take in WhatsApp to Use Dark Mode

Achieving this in the most used messaging application worldwide is very simple, and you have to take practically the same steps for both the iOS operating system and in the case that you use Android:

  • Access the application regularly and then use More options that exist in the interface.
  • Now what you have to do is go to the Theme section that is within the Chats menu of the WhatsApp application settings.
  • The next step is to select the Dark option instead of Light, which is the one that is activated by default in the app.
  • There is a third possibility that may be very interesting for you: Default by the system. With it, the application automatically detects if you use Dark Mode on your phone or tablet and, if so, sets it by default.

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