Airplane Mode of Phones, What it is, and How to Get The Most Out of it


Some tools are included in smartphones that are not given much importance because it is believed that their use is not very wide. An example of what we say is Airplane Mode found in every mobile device on the market, and from which you can get more out of it than you might think at first.

The inclusion of this function is available in the operating systems most used today for phones and tablets, such as iOS and Google Android development. Its inclusion is due to trying to make things easier for users when they need wireless communications are not available (that is, they are disabled). An example of what we say is when not long ago when traveling, it was requested that this tool be activated in the terminals to be sure that any interference would disturb the pilots.

What Happens When Airplane Mode is Activated

Well, something as simple as, for example, that you will not be able to receive any message or call since both the WiFi antenna and the one that accesses mobile data are disconnected. Therefore, not WhatsApp, not SMS, or anything. In addition, the terminal also disconnects the Bluetooth chip and the NFC, so you will not be able to use any accessory that uses the first option (such as headphones), and you will not be able to make any mobile payment with the terminal either. Be careful; the GPS is also disabled.

The rest of the functions that a current phone has does not undergo any modification, so you will be able to continue using the applications additionally (as long as they do not need Internet access) and, of course, is to navigate through the different menus of the device You can also do it and, for example, you can take advantage of the time to update internal storage that from time to time is not exactly organized.

Additional Usage Options That you Should Know

Apart from the basics that we have explained before, it is possible to use Airplane Mode to get more out of phones on some occasions … although this may surprise more than one. These are some of the cases:

  • Carry out faster charges: by disconnecting elements that consume energy by default, the charging processes reduce the time they need to complete since an additional expense is eliminated, which comes in handy. This is ideal when you are low on the battery and you are away from home since you can gain more or less five minutes for about ten of effective charge.
  • Improve your experience when playing: some games need the Internet to work, but there is a good number that the only access they make to the network is to activate ads. If you want to avoid this, Airplane Mode is an excellent ally to achieve this. In addition, if you do not need WiFi or data to enjoy the games, you can concentrate to the maximum if you activate this option on your phone.
  • Go unnoticed on WhatsApp: If when you have some pending messages to read in this messaging application, you don’t want anyone to know that you have read them, at least occasionally, by activating the function we are talking about on your phone, you can review everything that you have pending without another person knowing that you have done it since you will not send the corresponding information to the server until you connect.
  • Save battery: this is another good option that is achieved by activating the Airplane mode. By having fewer components in operation, the energy consumption is lower. Therefore, if you have a bad charge, you can deactivate all the antennas and connect them promptly to check if you have any messages or calls.
  • Make the coverage the best: insurance that, on more than one occasion, the coverage that your phone has is not the usual one. This may be because there is some failure in the operating system to detect and operate the device. Activating the tool we are talking about and then deactivating it restarts the process of obtaining a connection, and therefore everything should return to its normal state.

Surely now you will look at Airplane Mode differently when it comes to being away from home and optimizing the operation of your phone in a simple way and without having to install anything at all.


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