How To Use Facebook Ads For Black Friday


At the marketing level, November is synonymous with Black Friday.

” Black Friday ” is one of the most important dates of the year, not only because it is the starting signal for what is already called the compulsive shopping season, but also because it has become a consumer trend:

95% of users know when Black Friday is and are ready to redeem the best discounts on their purchases. It is the most anticipated date of the year to buy and get extra savings before Christmas. According to a study, the average ticket per user increases around 7% each year on these dates.

90% of businesses and companies will lower their prices, which implies that your competition is already at work and that if you do not take action, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of Black Friday.

If you are thinking of launching a Facebook Ads campaign for Black Friday, stay tuned. In this post, I will talk about how you should do it and why the time factor is important in strategic planning.

Black Friday – How Long Does It Last?

BlackFriday is an American tradition celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, a special day in the US for shopping and looking for Christmas gifts.

In this context, the retail stores realized their great potential and decided to do something extraordinary to increase their sales: a day of exaggerated discounts.

About why it was called Black Friday, there are some doubts that you can read on the Internet, such as that its origin had to do with the chaos generated as a result of an American football game or that its name symbolizes the black numbers in accounting after a period of red numbers as sales …

The Time Factor In Facebook Ads

As it is not a specific day, we have more opportunities when planning which media or digital platforms we will publish the ads with our discounts.

And this is where Facebook Ads come in.

In other years, when Black Friday was only one day, the limitation in time made it impossible for a Facebook Ads campaign to achieve great results.


Because Facebook Ads is a platform that takes time for the pixel to collect user data and be as effective as this tool can be.

We need to have enough DATA to impact potential customers and cover all available remarketing options.

Now that Black Friday lasts several days, we can have enough time to launch a Facebook campaign, for the ads to start rolling, and to implement remarketing actions.

How To Plan Facebook Ads Campaigns For Black Friday

As a general rule, the basic structure or ideal calendar to promote your discounts on Facebook Ads for Black Friday should start well before the indicated date. An example of planning would be the following:

JULY / AUGUST. Organize the strategy in advance, define audiences, discounts, and complementary channels for advertising.

The months of July and August are ideal for planning the compulsive shopping strategy: Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, and Sales. It is the moment in which we present proposals for our clients, and we break down all the actions that can be carried out.

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER. Branding and Traffic campaigns to grow the list of followers, increase traffic to the website, and publicize the products. These campaigns are the basic pillar to collect DATA from users and have enough information to remarket Black Friday.

Even when there is already a conversion history in Facebook Ads, when campaigns have been carried out previously on this platform, it is always recommended to have a traffic campaign active that feeds back the funnel and helps the remarketing strategy.

Traffic campaigns are the great forgotten in Facebook Ads, yet they are really important within the strategy.

In addition, you can configure the ads to pay only per click, which means that your ads can appear on your client’s Facebook + Instagram, enhancing brand recall and not paying for it, which is a great advantage for the advertising budget.

NOVEMBER. Remarketing campaign to impact those users who have visited the page, have interacted with the ads, or are interested in what we offer.

It is time to launch the Black Friday campaign to all those users who may be potential customers. In the previous months, the Facebook pixel has collected enough data to know who it should impact again and which users similar to them in tastes/interests it should reach (LAL).

Other Tips

  1. Even though remarketing campaigns require less budget than prospecting ones, feel free to increase it in the days leading up to Black Friday.
  2. Keep in mind that once the Facebook Ads campaigns are created, the ads will go into the analysis phase for a few days to check if they comply with the regulations or the budget is limited to reach the objectives.
  3. Create a scalable and organized campaign structure. Each campaign must have at least two ad groups and more than three ads per group.
  4. Remember that there are different formats for your ads and that you must adapt your creatives so that it is displayed well in all. The current measurements are: 1080 x 1080 px, 1200 x 1200 px, 1200 x 628 px, and 1080 x 1920 px.
  5. Do not abuse the frequency of impact. You will get the opposite effect, and it will not benefit your brand.
  6. To get the expected CTR on Black Friday, you have to get creative. This is the most difficult task due to advertising saturation and market competition. The best thing is that you delegate this work to a professional to advise you and design high-impact ads.

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