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IGTOK or IGTOK.COM is a website where Instagram users can get free likes and followers for their pages. The name represents the two big social platforms: IG – Instagram and TIKTOK. Nowadays, many people are using social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The craze and popularity for these two social platforms have gone to the next level, and almost every Smartphone user will use these apps for different purposes in their daily life.

Everyone wants more reach to their pages and profiles. IGTOK is the medium which provides free followers and free likes to your accounts and pages on Instagram and tiktok. There are a large number of services which IGTOK supplies. Below we mentioned some of them, which are accessible in services

  • Free Followers on Instagram and Tiktok
  • Free Likes on Instagram and Tiktok
  • Free Story Views on Instagram and Tiktok
  • Free Explore View
  • Free IGTV View
  • Free IGTV Likes on Instagram and Tiktok
  • Free Video Views
  • Free Profile View

What Is IGTOK?

IGTOK – IGTOK.COM is a tool from which we can get free unlimited instagram and tiktok followers and likes to our pages and posts.

Features Of IGTOK

  • Easy To use.
  • IGTOK is user-friendly.
  • Both Free service and paid services are available.
  • High-Quality Followers.
  • Fast service Delivery.
  • Easy payment methods.

IGTOK Packages For Instagram And Tiktok

Below we mentioned some of the packages, including their prices of IGTOK. You can go through them and select the required box.

  • $5, you will get 500 certified fans
  • $10, you will get 1000 guaranteed Instagram followers
  • $36, you will get 5000 Instagram followers
  • $64, you will get 10,000 Instagram followers
  • $2 – 250 Instagram likes
  • $3 – 500 Instagram likes
  • $5 – 1000 Instagram likes

Besides the above, there are many such packages which are reasonable to buy for those who want to improve their Instagram and Tiktok statistics.

Steps To Use IGTOK.COM.

Open the IGTOK.COM website.

Select the required package which you want to buy.

Then enter your instagram or tiktok ID for which you need to increase the followers or likes.

Then click on submit. That’s it; you will get followers.

Is IGTOK Safe?

So many people think that IGTOK is a spammy or fake website. But in reality, it is the best website to get followers or likes on your social media platforms. The likes and followers are also genuine and not at all fake. So once you visit the igtok.com website, you will get to know the advantages.

Alternatives To IGTOK

If you are looking for similar websites like IGTOK, then the below list will help you to find the best one as an alternative to this website.

  • Takipcin
  • INSTools
  • Instafreefollowers
  • Butcuyuz
  • MR Insta
  • Turbo Media


Our readers got all the information about IGTOK and its services. For complete clarity and view, we recommend visiting the igtok.com official page and looking into it to get total transparency. From our point of view, it provides quality and genuine service to its users and helps them to get more instagram and TikTok Followers and likes.

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