OSMOSE Technology Pvt Ltd Login & Registration Process in 2024


OSMOSE Technology Login: OSMOSE Technology Pvt Ltd is a Pune-based private e-commerce company with a Company Authorized Capital of 50,00,000 INR and CIN No U72900PN2019PTC188640. It provides mainly ecommerce, gaming, and tech services for its customers. Today in our article, we will thoroughly discuss OSMOSE technology Pvt ltd and How to make OSMOSE Technology Login.

What Is OSMOSE Technology Pvt Ltd?

OSMOSE technology was established in December 2019 in Pune as a private firm. The owner of this company is Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar, and the managing directors are Prashant Ramchandra Roundale and Vijay Baburao.

In the start, they used to sell health and beauty-related products, but now it has become an ecommerce website like Flipkart and amazon.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Official Website – http://osmosetech.com/

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Login URL – https://cp5.osmosetech.com/default

Paid Up Capital is 1,00,000 INR

OSMOSE Technology Login Process 2024

For OSMOSE Technology Login, we prepared a login guide. All you need to do is follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to OSMOSE Technology’s official website from your PC or mobile

Step 2: Then click on the OSMOSE technology Login Page

Step 3: You can directly go to the login page through https://cp5.osmosetech.com/default

Step 4: after that, you have to enter your registered membership ID

Step 5: Then enter your password and then click on Login. That’s it. You will successfully do your OSMOSE Technology Login.

Below we explained some steps on how to get your registered Member ID. 

OSMOSE Technology Registration Process 2024

Here are the simple steps to follow for the Registration process

  • First, go to the Official website of OSMOSE Technology Pvt Ltd.
  • Then go to cpanel.osmosetech.com/NewJoining1.
  • Enter the sponsor details
  • Enter the sponsored ID
  • Then you have to enter your name as per your Bank details.
  • Then enter the mobile number.
  • Click on submit. That’s it. Your registration of the OSMOSE Technology is done, and a member ID will be generated for you.

FAQs Of OSMOSE Technology Login Process

Below are some of the common frequently asked questions by users trying to do the OSMOSE technology Login process, and we came up with quick and reasonable answers.

Is OSMOSE Technology Safe?

We suggest not investing your money in this company. It is not bad for all people. It will be based on luck; if you are lucky enough, you will succeed and earn some money, but sometimes you will lose all the money. So better look for another way to make money

How To Do OSMOSE Technology Login?

This is the central question that many people will ask. For them, in our article, we had clearly explained how to make OSMOSE Technology Login.

Is OSMOSE technology real or fake?

At first, it was an honest company and got a CIN number from the Indian government. Still, once the cheating allegations on this company came to the limelight, many people started calling this a fake company that would loot public money.


We have covered all the topics about OSMOSE Technology and explained how to do OSMOSE Technology login and registration process. But trusting this company is up to you people because we cannot assure that it is genuine and reasonable because there are some cheating allegations on this company.

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